If you need a reason to believe in redemption or hope, I welcome you to read my story. While I’m terrified and ugly crying as I write this, I’m also happy crying because of the hope I know it will bring to those who currently stand in the shoes I wore up until several years ago.

My book is dedicated to two people (s).
1) It’s dedicated to Luke, so that his light may continue to shine (In May of 2014, a guy named Luke committed suicide because of his struggle with addiction. His sister, who I worked with one summer when I was 18, was open about his struggle via Facebook and she spoke truth into the lies I was believing. She shared her pain in order to spread awareness. And she did. Her posts reached me, especially because Luke was only four days older than me and I had thought I was the only one. Michele’s posts were a lifeline and they gave me the courage to keep putting one foot in front of the other).
2) It’s also dedicated to anyone who has been affected by it in any variety. If you’ve struggled with any addiction and you’ve had trouble finding hope, this is for you.

Today, my memoir is available to purchase through CreateSpace and Amazon.

I fight to share strength, hope, and truth through my Facebook page on a daily basis.

Heart hugs and love,