A Birthday Blessing

It’s hard to write a birthday blessing,
For a woman like you,
Not because you’re critical,
There’s just too much I wish for you!

Today is your special day,
It’s unlike all the rest,
It marks the day you entered this world,
When those who knew you became blessed.

May you know you are thoughtful,
Kind-hearted and compassionate.
May you know you are resilient,
You are enough and you are adequate!

May you know you are beautiful,
Through and through,
May you be aware of the thick love,
That surrounds you!

May you know you are the face of bravery,
You are the image of courage,
May you know you are the essence of faith,
You’re a true example if what it is to know grace.

May any valley of darkness,
Dissolve and dissipate,
Or may it be transformed,
Into a heavenly gate.

May peace catch up to you,
May it replenish your soul,
May you know you’re right where you belong!
May you be reminded that, in Him, you are whole.

May the heavens open up to you,
May they shower you with love,
May your cup run over,
Enough to fill a trough.

May your day be full of blessings,
Peaceful moments and memories,
May your heart feel restored,
May you celebrate your glories!

© Regina Mast 2016

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