A Mother Hen

She’s a mother hen,
With the biggest brood in the world,
It doesn’t matter how uptight you are,
She makes anyone’s walls come unfurled.

She can light up any day,
With her positive attitude,
And when it comes to advice,
Her life experience gives her a multitude.

She doesn’t ask for anything in return,
She just feely gives her love,
She scatters it here and there,
Customizing it to fit like a glove.

She’s honest and direct,
And completely reliable.
Though she likes her routine,
She remains pliable.

She’s gracious and unassuming,
She’s impeccably kind,
She loves a good joke,
She has a very witty mind.

She’s the one and only,
Cindy O’Neil,
You can always count on her,
To keep things real.

We love you, Miss Cindy!
I speak for the bunch,
Cause I know how much everyone loves you,
Or at least I have a hunch.

I know you’ve impacted my life,
In the best possible way,
You’re a kindred spirit,
So I hope you’re here to stay.

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