An Open Heart

An open heart,
Is a moving river,
That’s why it’s important to stay soft,
And always choose to be a forgiver.

When we experience pain,
We want to retreat,
We want to close the gates to our heart,
To grant some reprieve.

But this isn’t a solution,
In fact it’s the opposite,
Though it may appear easier,
It only hurts us to be obstinate.

Look at it like this:
When there is a storm,
Branches fall in the river,
As do flowers with thorns.

If a branch stays stuck,
It collects more debris,
It slows down the current,
And forms muck from upstream.

In order to stay healthy,
In order to keep flowing,
It’s important to stay open,
And to always keep growing.

You have to be bigger than the branches,
And brave enough to go to the source of the pain,
So it can be identified, dislodged and removed,
So that only open space remains.

A closed heart will rot and fester,
It’ll fill with disease,
It’ll only make your life harder,
Rather than bringing any release.

Let go of your pain,
And your suffering,
Let unfairness wash away,
So justice can rush in.

Let the whys float away,
Let acceptance seep in,
Let bitterness leave your grip,
So that forgiveness can glide in.

Let hopelessness wash out,
So fresh hope can gush in,
Let yesterdays brokenness drift away,
So that wholeness can flow in.

Life isn’t always easy,
This is something we all know,
Stay open anyway,
And constantly work to let the bad go.

We are promised beauty for ashes,
If you want to measure all of your pain,
Stack it on a shelf,
So you can see how much you have to gain!

A smoothly flowing river,
Will cut away its surroundings,
It’ll carve a way to flow freely,
Through consistent rebounding.

Stop dwelling on the past,
Instead, look upstream,
Start thinking of the possibilities,
Let yourself dream a new dream.

Make the decision,
As you face tomorrow,
To keep your heart open,
Regardless of happiness or sorrow,

Accept that challenges,
Are a part of this life,
Know you’ll always overcome them,
Experiencing more glory than strife.

© Regina Mast 2016

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