Becoming Tom Hanks

I planned my first night,
Sleeping completely outside,
No tent, no shelter,
Just wide open sky.

The beach would be my sanctuary,
The sand would be my bed,
The moon would be my nightlight,
I would trade in modern comforts for nature instead.

I imagined the waves,
Lulling me to sleep,
The stars twinkling in the sky,
Not a sound, not one peep.

I would be out in the open,
A brand new adventure,
Another “first” to cross of my list,
Therefore, a meaningful endeavor.

What actually happened?
When reality met my dreams?
It was quite different,
From what it had seemed.

The wind blew all night,
Never to cease nor relent,
The clouds masked my stars,
And raindrops made their decent.

It didn’t rain for long,
But they dropped here and there,
With lightning in the distance,
I felt a bit scared.

But I remained in my place,
And I toughed it out,
With sand blowing in my face,
And many discomforts to count.

Neighboring campers were noisy,
And kept their lights on late,
I felt like I hardly slept one hour,
Let alone the recommended eight.

When I awoke from my final cat nap,
I decided to start my day,
Feeling tired and haggard,
Like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”

I didn’t have a beard,
Nor was Wilson by my side,
But I felt filthy and forlorn,
And tired enough to cry.

I stumbled to the car,
And got my hands on a coffee,
It gave me the audacity,
To finish my day at the sea.

Would I recommend it? Not really.
Would I do it again?
I don’t know. I kinda doubt it.
But I’ve been known to forget.

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