The Reason

You’re the reason I believe life saves the best for last,
You’re the reason I know the future’s brighter than the past.

You’re the reason I am certain God hears prayers.
Sometimes the answers take the elevator, sometimes they take the stairs. 

You’re the reason I know God shows up in ordinary ways,
In the ordinary moments on the ordinary days.

You’re the reason I see His love inside of each and every choice,
Bursting forth through inspiration we think is our own voice.

I know less than ever about what lies ahead,
But I’ll face tomorrow with courage instead of dread.

Every path has obstacles, even the most calculated ones.
There is no safety in the method, only the outcome.

The hard things are worth it,
Every single time.
The trick is to seek peace,
And enjoy the climb.

© Regina Mast 2018

The House in the Country

He showed up one day out of the blue,
Said “I’d like to get to know you.”

I was trembling and afraid,
A prisoner of past heartbreaks.

But I stepped out; gave him my hand,
Told him he could have this dance.

He went and swept me off of my feet.
His love’s like living in the country.

It’s a house built with wood beams,
On a foundation made of concrete.

It’s perfectly imperfect, like creaking floors.
It’s a sanctuary that holds vulnerabilities and flaws.

A cozy shelter that keeps you safe,
The kind of love that can’t be replaced.

© Regina Mast 2017

Battle Axe

When you first saw me there,
You could read my mind,
You knew me like a book,
Our souls are the same kind.

My ears were still ringing,
I wiped mud from my brow,
Got knocked down from behind,
A punch took me out.

I almost gave up,
I lost all my sight,
Until I let frustration,
Fire up my fight.

I take a look around, 
The fog is clearing,
My pain is now my strength,
Fear’s disappearing.

With laser-sharp focus,
My battle axe in hand,
There is no stopping me,
Until I take my land.

© Regina Mast 2017

You Are Loved!

If I could empty out my heart today,
I’d pour its contents into balloons,
I would send them through the sky,
So that they find their way to you.

One for each heart,
That feels unworthy or unloved,
One for each heart,
That feels it’s not taken care of.

It would squeeze your heart so tightly,
And reassure you things will be alright,
It would give you fresh hope,
To bring a new perspective into sight.

It would tell you that you are lovable,
No matter how you feel,
It would show you that you’re treasured,
And that your heart will heal.

It would hold your pain,
And it would wipe your tears,
It would speak truth to you,
And chase away your fears.

Though I’m unable to do that,
I know the One that can,
So today I give this task to Him,
And lift you into His hands.

He already has you,
I’ll only ask Him to show you,
To give you the awareness of His love,
That you feel tangibly, through and through.

For several years,
My heart was hard, cold, and bitter,
The pain hurt and leached my courage,
And made me want to be a quitter.

I was done with life,
I thought I gave it a fair shot,
Then Jesus opened my eyes to truth,
And it was what made the pain stop.

He taught me I was enough,
Exactly as I am,
He brought to life a withered-up rose,
And somehow made it blossom.

I know what it feels like,
When you want to give up,
I know what it feels like,
When simply breathing feels like too much.

But I know what it feels like,
To experience redemption, too,
That’s why I want you to keep holding on,
Because He can also redeem things for you.

There are no favorites,
There is no qualifying,
It’s simply opening our eyes,
To the One who does the vying .

You are loved. You are loved. You are loved!

© Regina Mast 2016

This Place

I’ve been here before,
I know This place,
I know This love,
I know This face.

I know how it ends,
Every challenge, every time,
It ends with more praise,
Put into a rhyme.

My Rescuer, My Redeemer,
My Prince of Peace,
Working things out for my good,
In a way I expected the least.

I don’t know when or how,
I only know that You will,
Because I know Your heart towards me,
Turning this adventure into a thrill.

In You, I am strong,
In You, I am brave,
My Knight in Shining Armor,
Who is always near to save.

When I look back on my past,
And reflect on days gone by,
I see Your handiwork,
Has followed me all my life.

You chase me, You capture me,
You win me over with love,
Today, tomorrow, and always,
My Heavenly Father above.

I say above,
Though You’re actually here,
You’re everywhere,
Filling the atmosphere.

With power and might,
With mercy and grace,
I find rest, I’m at ease,
In the secret place.

I’ll share this story too,
With tears welling up in my eyes,
About how You again demonstrated Your love,
And taught this eagle how to fly.

© Regina Mast 2016


I’ve heard it said,
“Where there is a will, there is a way.”
Though heard many times before,
It has fresh meaning today.

Something that is Your will,
Can’t be stopped by a human hand,
The Maker of the heavens,
Who puts rivers in dry sands.

A door You open,
Nobody can close,
Not a measly set of circumstances,
Nor an enemy or foe.

Yes, I’m overly tired,
So I’ll simply draw near,
And rest in Your comfort,
For You are always here.

This journey is Ours,
Not mine; I’m not alone,
My journey with my Maker,
Let’s me turn even the process into a home.

You planted the seed,
You gave me dreams in the night,
And even when I was awake,
You continuously brought it into sight.

I simply needed to be reminded:
You’ll guide my steps as they should be,
And You’ll create provision,
In all the places You lead me.

Today, I’ll be held,
Almost too tired to stand,
Then when I have fresh strength,
We’ll walk on hand in hand.

My Heavenly Father,
My sweet Papa God,
You bring me into peace,
Because of how faithful You are.

© Regina Mast 2016

The Sound of True Strength

The sound of true strength,
Is quiet and steady,
It’s calm and peaceful,
Though forceful, never heavy.

When the occasion arises,
When the dam breaks,
When no one else is on call,
Almost unnoticed, it wakes.

It is always ready,
Ready and waiting,
There’s rarely a second thought,
Nor any hesitating,

It always shows up,
When it is needed,
And its presence is always evident,
Until the flood waters have receded.

It’s beautiful and untamable,
Full of gallant valor,
It’s beckoned at an instant,
And sees through any matter.

We don’t know to appreciate it,
Cause it’s always there,
Whether reinforcing our bones,
Or uttering a silent prayer.

A treasured gift,
A prized gem,
A sweet angel,
Almost heaven sent.

© Regina Mast 2016

Flying High

Flying high,
On the wings of glory,
Redemption clearly visible,
In this story:

Human errors,
Enormous mistakes,
Endless love,
Countless retakes.

A heart revived,
A soul awakened,
A solid foundation ,
That won’t be shaken.

Same truth,
Free from lies,
Same face,
Different eyes.

Peace exudes,
From the core,
Truth creates wings,
An eagle will soar.

A like-new heart,
Beats wild and free,
A child crowned,
Into royalty.

© Regina Mast 2016

Younger Me

She showed up unexpectedly,
Almost out of the blue,
At first I felt uncomfortable,
And didn’t know what to do.

She looked sad and somber,
Her back was noticeably slouched,
Her eyes were big and wide,
And her face wore a pout.

I smiled at her tenderly,
And I told her it was okay,
I told her I wasn’t angry,
And said things I’d been meaning to say:

“Hey sweet girl,
Lift up your head,
I forgave you a long time ago,
I know you did your very best.

I love you and adore you,
Completely, through and through,
I wouldn’t be who I am today,
If it wasn’t for you.

I’m sorry you didn’t know,
That you were worthy and loved,
I’m sorry I couldn’t be there then,
To let you know that you were enough.

But the pain you endured,
Made me the fighter I am today,
If it wasn’t for your perseverance,
I wouldn’t be this way.”

Before she could turn to leave,
I invited her to stay,
I welcomed her to come with me,
And enjoy the road she paved.

I want her to see the heights,
That I’ll reach because of her experience,
I want her to witness redemption,
Found through deliverance.

She sat up straighter,
Something told me she’d be just fine,
When I glanced into the mirror,
I saw her eyes inside of mine.

Her areas of weakness,
Are cloaked by my greatest strengths,
Together, we are unstoppable,
A force strong enough to go to any lengths.

I used to keep her a secret,
Because of guilt and shame,
But I have since learned,
That she wasn’t to blame.

Bad things happen to good people,
Everyone makes mistakes,
Grace is about second chances,
And getting undeserved breaks.

She’s an important part of my life,
A part that I never want to forget,
She is the reason why,
Me and my Maker finally met.

© Regina Mast 2016

Love Is The Answer

May I be Your vessel,
To bring love to this place,
May my heart be full of love,
May my soul be full of grace.

In a world that is dark,
Shine through me like a light,
Be the Peace I exhale,
To rid my neighbors of their fright.

Be my overtime clock,
When my patience has expired,
Be my endless reservoir of love,
When conflict has transpired.

Help me see others past their actions,
Into their intentions and their heart,
Help me see them the way You do,
And offer countless fresh starts.

It’s one thing to think these thoughts,
It’s another to put words into action,
Sometimes it takes one bad driver,
And I do things that need redemption.

Be the water on my fire,
Be the bandage on my pain,
Be bigger than any offense,
So that only Love remains.

Expand my heart,
Make it soft,
Make it wide and make it deep,
Give it eyes,
Give it ears,
Give it arms to hug those who weep.

If we all love just our neighbors,
Then no one’ll be left alone,
Then there will be less cruelty,
Because everyone’ll have a home.

Love is the answer,
Love is the key,
May we love one another,
And let differences be.

© Regina Mast 2016