It’s hard to take a leap of faith,
It’s hard to make yourself vulnerable,
But it’s even harder,
To choose to rise again after each fall.

Failure is a bully,
That beats your courage into the ground,
But you’ll only be defeated,
If you stay knocked down.

Tell yourself it was a lesson,
It was simply a practice run,
And you have plenty more chances,
So try to have a little fun.

Whether a relationship crashes,
Or your start-up falls apart,
Whether you get overlooked in the audition,
And someone else gets cast your part.

A tall oak tree in the forest,
Doesn’t grow that way over night,
It becomes strong through storms and winters,
It takes survival to reach its height.

Winters are the season,
Of the most growth!
They look dead on the surface,
But the roots are growing below.

Then when spring rolls around,
And the sun shines warmth anew,
The acorn turns into a sapling,
Eventually into the immovable force its due.

You might not have much to show for your efforts today,
You might be empty handed,
But if you keep on trying,
Your failures will be disbanded.

Failure teaches us what matters,
It teaches us what we’re made of,
It teaches us what we want from life,
It teaches us self-love

It shows us we are resilient,
It shows us who cares no matter what,
It shows us the importance,
To just keep showing up.

The beauty in having your pride fall,
Through your fingers to the floor,
Is you’ll recognize life is lighter without it,
Then it won’t burden you anymore.

Failing doesn’t mean you’re a mess,
It means you’re strong enough to try,
Winning doesn’t mean you were born a success,
It means you persevered through lows to get to high.

© Regina Mast 2016


You were a bridge,
Or maybe more of a segue,
You led me to the launching pad,
Where I leapt above the fray.

You see, I had not lived without you,
In more than a couple years,
So when our relationship ended,
I faced all my worst fears.

I sat with them for a while,
I looked them in the eyes.
That was when it occurred to me,
They were just a guise.

Fear is a facade,
It is all just a game,
But it only has power,
If you choose to play.

When you look closely,
You realize it is just a net.
And there’s a great big ocean,
Waiting outside of it.

People will be judgmental,
Like the sun will surely rise.
But if you stop fearing it,
It becomes a powerless device.

So I collected my fears,
And I put them on a stack.
I set them on fire,
And never looked back.

Out of the rubble and ash,
A little flower emerged,
It looked like it was delicate,
But it was unstoppable, like a storm’s surge.

The water that fed the flower,
Would never let it die.
It would grow continuously,
Higher and higher into the sky.

The flower was filled with light,
The kind you cannot put out.
It was full of peace and love,
And it flowed like a spout.

The very same thing,
Which was sent to destroy,
Built a solid foundation,
That would hold endless joy.

Gaze is toward the future,
Only aiming higher,
Headed to brighter days,
Away from yesterday’s muck and mire.

When fears roar,
It now roars louder,
Because it knows,
Who has the real power.

In that sense I’m thankful,
Despite the excruciating pain,
Because it was only temporary,
But led to permanent gain.

Redemption is a more than a word,
He lives and he breathes.
And he will come rescue you,
If you’re ever in need.

© Regina Mast 2015

My Song

Wisdom is my journey,
Courage is my song,
Gentle acceptance is my process,
There’s no right and no wrong.

Peace is my compass,
Faith is my foundation,
Truth is my nourishment,
Love is my motivation.

Kindness is my warmth,
Hope is my anchor,
Grace is my shelter,
Bravery is my hanker.

Redemption is my savior,
Gratitude is my shrine,
Light is my comfort,
Humor is my lifeline.

Royalty is in my blood,
For I’m a daughter of the King.
You don’t have to listen,
But I’m still going to sing.

© Regina Mast 2016


You are enough,
You are perfectly enough,
You are everything you should be,
Whether sensitive or tough.

If you never have a monument made in your likeness,
If you never live in a mansion fit for a Highness,
If you never have your name engraved on a fancy building’s exterior,
If you never reach the top of the corporate ladder and feel inferior,
If you never become a US President,
If you never travel and become a world resident,
If you never win a Pulitzer Prize or Nobel,
If your life’s hard works are published but never sell,
If you never make it on the cover of Vogue,
If you’re never awarded a Golden Globe,
If you never walk on the moon or get to go to Mars,
If you make it to Hollywood and don’t land among the stars,
If you never make it into the Hall of Fame,
If, outside of your social circles, you don’t have a well-known name,

You are enough,
Exactly as you are,
And you are far too precious,
Not to realize that you are.

It’s good to have lofty dreams!
It’s good to aim high!
But if you don’t make it,
It’s not do or die.

These accomplishments are rare,
An uncommon treasure,
But it takes all the magic away,
If you turn them into pressure.

Sometimes the big goals,
And all the stresses to succeed,
Bear the resemblance of a rat race,
In which I’d rather not proceed.

Have you found your calling?
Have you found your big purpose?
You were made to be happy,
More so than just on the surface.

Joy in your heart,
Peace in your mind,
Health in your body,
The pinnacle of mankind.

© Regina Mast 2016


“You’re getting left behind!”
“You’ll never get ahead.”
“Your life is a waste.”
“You’d be better off dead.”

These are some,
Of the most common lies,
We all hear them,
From time to time.

It doesn’t matter how things look,
It doesn’t matter how they feel,
Your perspective can change.
If you start getting real.

Your life isn’t where it should be?
According to who?
Nobody is qualified to measure,
You don’t need to live with this pressure.

You’re life isn’t in shambles.
You probably have your health.
And don’t get started on money,
Love holds the real wealth.

Don’t look at the love you receive,
Look at the love you give,
That’s what matters,
That’s where the value is.

At the end of your life,
When you’re old and gray,
You won’t remember,
The things that stressed you out today.

Stop trying to compete,
Life isn’t a damn race,
You are honorable,
You’re not a disgrace!

Spend your energy,
On seeing the truth.
Everyone isn’t moving on without you,
You don’t need to feel blue.

We’ve all worn shame,
Like a heavy cloak.
And we have a hard time,
Seeing that it’s smoke.

Guilt is a beast,
One that is hard to slay.
But hearing a little truth,
Can make it decay.

You’re doing your best!
And that’s all that matters.
Life isn’t a game,
Of shoots and ladders.

A sunflower might,
Grow taller than a rose.
But which has the better scent?
Anyone knows!

We are all different,
And unique in our own way.
So just be yourself,
Come what may.

The best way to end up,
Where you’re meant to be,
Is to live your life,
And to live it freely!

Here is a great big secret:
You being “the only one” is a lie,
Everyone has been there,
But we hide because our pride.

So much of the human experience,
Is spent in waiting rooms,
Though we only see our own,
And we waste precious time in gloom.

Everyone has wondered,
What the world would be like without them,
But we don’t find out until it’s too late,
Cause they fear being condemned.

You don’t have to hide,
Any honest person will understand,
If you’re feeling down and out,
It’s okay to talk to a friend.

The world wouldn’t be better off,
If you were gone,
You are not alone,
You could never be cloned.

The world needs you!
And your special finger print.
You’re here for a reason!
Don’t cut short your stint.

© Regina Mast 2016


The river of change,
Feels a lot like a roller coaster,
When you’re not exactly sure where you’re going,
You just know that you’re getting closer.

Closer to your “more”
Closer to your next destination.
Take every open door,
Without demanding an explanation.

The whys keep us hung up,
They keep us chasing our own tails,
We don’t need to know every reason,
For every turn in our fairytales.

We’ll understand with time,
Particularly, when we’re looking back.
Hindsight is 20/20.
So cut your need-to-know-now some slack.

I think that’s what they mean,
When they say “go with the flow”,
Embrace the changes coming toward you,
Learn to just let go.

If you try to fight it,
And try to keep your feet planted,
You’ll only end up feeling slighted,
You’ll make the journey feel disenchanted.

You’ll get water in your face,
It’s not going to be pleasant,
Obviously, you’ll be okay.
But you won’t enjoy the present.

It shouldn’t be painful,
It shouldn’t be uncomfortable,
Pull your feet up and go with the current,
It should feel fun, not disdainful.

Peace will be your guide,
If you don’t know to go left or right,
But keep in mind that peace doesn’t mean easy,
It’s what lets you sleep at night.

You’ll know it in your gut,
You have an internal compass,
That will confirm or disrupt,
The views on the environment you encompass.

It’s the feeling you can’t quite control,
It shows up on its own,
It’s always with you,
But sometimes makes itself more known.

Changes come and go,
There is no stopping them,
The quicker you loosen your grip on controlling things,
The less you’ll feel like you’re struggling.

Sometimes our lack of understanding,
Makes us feel alone,
However, your course is directed,
You’re never on your own.

Sure, you have a choice,
In every single matter.
Are they random or planned?
I would have to say the latter.

You’re headed to brighter days,
There are many blessings downstream,
Dare to let yourself hope!
Dare to let yourself dream!

© Regina Mast 2016

Perfect Love

It has been said,
That perfect love casts out all fear.
I had spent years searching for it,
When you were waiting right here.

My heart had been bruised,
Time after time.
I felt empty and used,
Like life had no reason or rhyme.

Then like a dove,
You came swooping in,
You won me over with love,
And gave me faith again.

Your wide open arms,
Beckoned me home.
I’m no longer unwanted,
I’m no longer alone.

Isn’t it funny?
You were the beginning and the end.
And no matter how far I drifted,
You never gave in.

You kept fighting and fighting,
To help me receive it.
It took getting to the end of my rope,
To finally see it.

This perfect love,
Set me free,
To see through the lies,
I used to believe.

Humans are fallible,
But your love is not.
When the flood waters rise,
It buoys me to the top.

When I cry hard,
You cry harder.
When my hope is extinguished,
You reignite the fire.

Your love is a home,
That I take everywhere,
But I don’t have to carry it,
It chases me there.

It’s endlessly forgiving,
It doesn’t count my mistakes.
Regardless what I’ve done,
I get a million retakes.

There’s nowhere I can run,
There’s nothing I can do,
That could ever separate,
Me from you.

So here I rest,
In the secret place,
Knowing I can’t fall out,
Of your embrace.

© Regina Mast 2015


I can’t say,
I’ve ever spent Christmas alone.
I come from a big family
And have a place to call home.

The thing about loneliness,
Is that it’s a tricky thing.
It can creep into any room,
Without any warning.

Society will tell you,
To hide it cause it’s shameful!
But there’s so much value,
In exposing it; so people are less critical.

Sometimes we feel pressure,
To feel jubilation,
When all of the trying,
Just causes frustration.

Life is a journey,
And some destinations are unpleasant.
Remember: circumstances are fleeting,
This is a temporary present.

Whether you’re missing a loved one,
If they left you or passed,
Or you lost your job,
And you’re strapped for cash.

Maybe you’re sick,
And your body aches.
Or maybe you feel,
Like you can’t catch any breaks.

There is always hope,
That next year will be better.
And you’ll only be stronger,
For withstanding this weather.

Your story is your story,
And this is just a chapter,
There is so much more glory,
Tomorrow and thereafter.

May peace come to you, like a warm summer breeze.
And may it hold you, like a bear hug squeeze.
May love pour in and flood your soul.
May your heart feel calm, hopeful, and whole.

My prayer today,
Is that these words hug your heart.
And usher in fresh hope,
For a brand new start.

© Regina Mast 2015

Love, Love, Love

I’ve been there.
I’ve made some bad choices.
But it does get better,
When you hear the right voices.

Regardless of your age,
Your current obstacles are new.
You’re learning each day.
And you’re gonna pull through.

Breath it all in,
Take it a day at a time.
And try to remember:
Mistakes aren’t a crime.

Some people act mean,
Because they don’t understand.
Probably cause so far,
Life’s given them the upper hand.

So what have I learned?
From my screw-ups and mistakes?
Grace can’t be earned!
It’s given to sinners and saints.

I’d rather learn young,
And live with humility,
Than have it all perfect,
And judge disability.

Some people smoke too much,
Drink too much,
Or dabble with drugs.
Others eat too much,
Preach too much,
Or sleep with lots of thugs (A thug is simply a violent person/criminal. I mean it as a general term for any person who isn’t good for you).

Instead of pointing a finger,
Extend your full hand.
And help the next person,
Who’s struggling to stand.

Wisdom will chase you,
Like wrinkles chase age.
Each day, you are new.
You don’t live in a cage.

Your life isn’t over.
Until you say it’s done.
But even if you’ve given up,
You’ll never lose the Son.

He’ll keep fighting for you.
He’ll keep showing you love.
And one day you’ll realize,
You are loved from above.

Love, love, love.
F*** the rest.
Love, love, love.
Just do your best.

© Regina Mast 2015