The Reason

You’re the reason I believe life saves the best for last,
You’re the reason I know the future’s brighter than the past.

You’re the reason I am certain God hears prayers.
Sometimes the answers take the elevator, sometimes they take the stairs. 

You’re the reason I know God shows up in ordinary ways,
In the ordinary moments on the ordinary days.

You’re the reason I see His love inside of each and every choice,
Bursting forth through inspiration we think is our own voice.

I know less than ever about what lies ahead,
But I’ll face tomorrow with courage instead of dread.

Every path has obstacles, even the most calculated ones.
There is no safety in the method, only the outcome.

The hard things are worth it,
Every single time.
The trick is to seek peace,
And enjoy the climb.

© Regina Mast 2018

Battle Axe

When you first saw me there,
You could read my mind,
You knew me like a book,
Our souls are the same kind.

My ears were still ringing,
I wiped mud from my brow,
Got knocked down from behind,
A punch took me out.

I almost gave up,
I lost all my sight,
Until I let frustration,
Fire up my fight.

I take a look around, 
The fog is clearing,
My pain is now my strength,
Fear’s disappearing.

With laser-sharp focus,
My battle axe in hand,
There is no stopping me,
Until I take my land.

© Regina Mast 2017

Remembering Those Who Leave Us Too Soon

Your life was a light,
That warmed everything it touched,
It shined from your heart,
Through your calm, steady love.

Our world came to a halt,
The day your light moved,
Now it shines down from heaven,
Onto everyone you knew.
It shines through your family,
And all those you loved,
It shines through the memories,
You gifted each of us.
It was an honor to be graced,
With your light in this life,
We’ll keep watching it shine,
Till we see you on the other side.
In memory of Nate Mast.

Breaking Up With a Realtor

Where to begin?
We hope you’re okay,
If not right now,
You will be some day.

We had to do,
What we had to do,
Which meant walking away,
From the investment and you.

With the venue booked,
And the dresses picked out,
With plans for the flowers,
It’d be reasonable to pout.

But walking away,
Two weeks before,
Is better than running back down the aisle,
Then slamming the door.

It does make us sad,
That this dream had to die,
It seems like no explanation,
Is a good enough “Why.”

We’ve sure learned a lot,
And you likely have as well,
Even if right now,
You want to yell.

Just remember:
It was us, not you,
That gave up on this gem,
And caused the plan to fall through.

There are plenty of fish,
Left in the sea,
And one will eventually want,
To buy your property.

Next time will be better,
You’ll find someone new,
That will be equipped and prepared,
With lots of cash and a crew.

Thanks for your help,
We had a great time!
(This is the end,
Of this cheesy rhyme).

Dustin (A Memorial Poem)

Forever young,
Forever free,
Forever dancing,
Forever happy.

Forever laughing,
Forever witty,
Forever singing,
Forever silly.

Forever your sweet boy,
Forever in those favorite shirts,
You know the Captain America ones?
Somehow they never collect dirt.

Endless games in the console,
Dr. Pepper on tap,
I’m surrounded by love,
Sitting here on Papa God’s lap.

I’m still there with you,
In all your memories,
In your heart and your thoughts,
In your treasured stories.

God chose the perfect momma,
When He gave me you,
You knew how to love me perfectly,
My whole life through.

I’m in good hands momma,
Completely safe from pain,
And I’ll be here playing,
Until we meet again.

Journeying On

I know your heart aches,
And life feels unfair,
It looks like an ocean,
Full of pain and despair.

I can’t heal your grief,
But I know the One who can,
I’ll ask Him to wrap you tightly in love,
And show you He still has you in His hands.

There is no rush to heal,
Take all the time you need,
I’ll sit with you in the dark,
Until you feel strength down deep.

Then we will walk it out together,
You can lean on me when you feel unsteady,
And if you need to rest,
I’ll wait until you are ready.

The landscape will change,
The scenery will be new,
But the sun will keep rising,
And I’ll be here beside you.
© Regina Mast 2017

The Only Contender

I will not forfeit,
I will not surrender.
For the future I was born for,
I’m the only contender.

I’ve had my ideas leached,
My creativity has been stolen,
But it’s an endless fountain,
That won’t ever stop flowing.

I’ll come back bigger,
I’ll come back better,
I work day and night,
I’ll withstand any weather.

See I might not be the best,
But I will work the hardest,
And no matter how long it takes,
I will reap the harvest.

I’ve been put to the test,
But I will not digress,
I’m laser focused,
On growth and progress.

I won’t be distracted,
I plan with precision,
I’ll keep moving toward,
My crystal clear vision.

You cannot stop me,
But I will let you watch me.
And I’ll smile politely,
To let you think you can top me.

See I might not be the best,
But I will work the hardest,
And no matter how long it takes,
I will reap the harvest.

I’ve been getting up in the dark,
Running miles before dawn,
I’ve been getting stronger,
Fertilizing my own lawn.

I’m built for the comeback,
I’m ready to go,
Even if I have to crawl,
Run, or walk slow.

I will not stop,
Until I reach the top.

See I might not be the best,
But I will work the hardest,
And no matter how long it takes,
I will reap the harvest.

I’ve been overlooked,
Often times underestimated,
When you’re an underdog,
It’s a strength to be underrated.

Because they don’t see me coming,
So they don’t know to look out,
When they’re lazily relaxing,
I’ll bust through the spout.

I’ll pass from behind,
When they’re not even looking,
Then for the next show,
It’ll be me that they’re booking.

So when they think I’ve given up,
Or fallen behind,
They’ll see me in the distance,
Crossing the finish line.

© Regina Mast 2017

A Love Like Ours

I’ve been hearing a new song,
I’ve been feeling a new beat,
An invisible melody,
Quickening my heartbeat.

It’s pianos and cellos,
It’s the whole symphony,
It’s the angels and the heavens,
Assembling for me.

I see you and I feel you,
Your wavelength is mine,
A love like ours,
Will last for all time.

The more of you I see,
The more I’m in awe,
You’re better than anything,
I could imagine up or draw.

I’m so happy you’re here,
And that you are mine.
You’re a gift from the heavens,
Utterly divine.

Two souls intertwined,
Destined to meet,
Two spirits, two bodies,
Two hearts, one beat.

I see you and I feel you,
Your wavelength is mine,
A love like ours,
Will last for all time.

I see you and I feel you,
Your wavelength is mine,
A love like ours,
Will last for all time.

© Regina Mast 2017


You’re using words,
But all I see is claws,
You’re acting innocent,
“Accidentally” exposing my flaws.

You think if you knock me down,
I’ll need you and stay,
But the horizon is wide open,
And I’m going my own way.

You don’t wanna be left behind,
But growth has no rewind.

I’ve been doing all the work,
I’ve been shoveling the dirt,
I’ve been staying up all night,
I’ve been putting up a fight.

It’s time for me to expand,
Regardless of your disguised demands.

You’ve been like a mother bird,
Trying to feed me regurgitated food.
Can’t you see I have my own wings?
Can’t you see I’m just like you?

You’ve tried to beat me into submission,
Using guilt; lying by omission,
You think I’m a train that can be stopped,
Like I’m a door that can be locked?

But I will not be tamed,
You can try but I won’t be contained,
I was made for sailing,
Just look at my last name.

This life is my own,
You’re just afraid of being alone.
And while I’m sad that you’re worried,
Your venom is making my vision blurry.

So this is my goodbye.
If you want to keep up, try.

© Regina Mast 2017