Mountains, earth,
Wind, sky,
Oh the majesty,
On a mountain high.

Heaven above,
Earth below,
Breaths become gasps,
As the strong winds blow.

So calm while so fierce,
Yet all under control,
A beautiful collision,
Like the one within my soul.

This landscape was painted,
By a heavenly hand,
Everywhere the eye can see,
More awe-inspiring land.

Everything appears minute,
Yet every detail matters,
Birds, trees, rocks,
Each leaf that scatters.

From this elevation,
Everything looks so small,
A golden perception to tuck away,
For the times life throws up a wall.

When the right perspective is had,
It becomes apparent that life is light and breezy,
If only we could see from above,
The time we spend waiting would be easy.

Sometimes the journey,
Takes an unexpected turn,
Paths are like rivers,
That continuously churn.

They flow into something new,
They constantly evolve,
Becoming wide and narrow,
Always mystery left to solve.

Nothing just ends,
It simply changes,
When our landscape,

May this place be a haven,
When life becomes blurry,
To seek and find perspective,
Instead of living in worry.

Simple, natural,
Fresh, alive,
Roots, water,
Earth, sky.

© Regina Mast 2016

Buy Yourself the Flowers

I wish I had the right words,
To soothe your fears and bring you peace,
But I’m in the same place of transition,
And I don’t know the end date on this lease.

I’m sorry you’re still waiting,
I’m sorry sometimes it hurts,
I’m sorry you don’t have a partner yet,
And that none of your relationships have worked.

I know some days are easy,
And others are extremely tough,
I know sometimes you’re tired,
And want to scream “enough is enough.”

As frustrating as it can be,
As much as you hate to wait,
I think love isn’t within your control,
And part of it is up to fate.

Love cannot be captured,
Love cannot be fabricated,
Love cannot be earned,
Love cannot be formulated.

Sometimes all the trying,
Just leaves you broken and confused,
Feeding the lie you’re not enough on your own,
And that you need someone else to provide refuge.

It’s easy to look at yourself,
And think you’re doing something wrong,
Are you unlovable?
Aren’t you where you belong?

People constantly tell you,
“You need to put yourself out there more!
Here, try these apps,”
When you’re out of energy to pour.

You feel all this pressure,
Thinking there is more you should do,
When instead of heading downtown,
You’d rather watch a Netflix show or two.

You are not alone,
In the way you feel,
I hope knowing this,
Will make it easier to deal.

When you’re having a bad day,
Buy yourself the damn flowers,
And if you’re feeling lazy,
It’s okay to skip the shower.

You don’t have to walk on egg shells,
You don’t always have to be ready,
Anticipation should feel like excitement,
Instead of a burden that is heavy.

Instead of constantly striving,
To do everything perfectly,
Skip the healthy salad,
And for dinner, have ice cream.

When it happens, it will happen,
Independently from anything you do,
Rest easy, find joy in the process,
It’s one part of the journey.

When you feel tired, remember:
You can stop waiting right now!
You can find someone to settle with,
And find a way to manage somehow.

But, like someone wise always says:
It’s better to want something that isn’t yet in your possession,
Than not to want the things that are yours,
And live a life of oppression.

There is no judgment,
For those who settle for good enough;
There is pain in both choices,
Either route can be rough.

There are two sides,
To the coin that is independence,
The lesser known is loneliness;
And having to force self-reliance.

Life comes in packages,
Though we tend to see only the good,
Until the package is ours,
Only then is it truly understood.

I cannot tell you why we wait,
I cannot tell you for how long,
But I can tell you that it’s not in vain,
And I can tell you this is where you become strong.

I can tell you this time serves you,
I can tell you that it makes you prepared,
To handle future life circumstances,
Whether experiences are alone or shared.

This waiting equips you with a tank of wisdom,
And with a set of tools,
Do you realize how lucky that makes you?
Beauty for ashes turn your pains into jewels.

You already possess,
Everything that you need,
It is all inside of you,
It isn’t in the circumstances you heed.

When you plant a fruit tree,
You spend several years waiting,
But then it bears fruit on its own,
Without you even participating.

This season of growth,
Will bear fruit continuously,
When you apply what you’ve learned,
It’ll repay you extensively.

Then when you have,
The object which you desire
Fear won’t control you,
Cause you can handle the fire.

You are capable of standing alone,
And that, my darling, is true courage,
Which you will wear effortlessly,
With or without marriage.

© Regina Mast 2016

The Next One

Hey there,
I’m not sure if we’ve been introduced,
But I wanted to put this out there,
In case later my nerves make my words reduced.

I haven’t been open to you,
Because I’ve been demanding “the one,”
Not because I was in a rush,
But mostly because I feared being undone.

I didn’t want to endure the possibility,
Of loving again and losing,
So I was cowering behind pain,
Always saying no and refusing.

I said I was being selective,
But I think the truth is that I was afraid,
That I would make myself vulnerable,
And possibly end up being betrayed.

So many chances,
Were never had,
Regardless of who you were,
I found something bad.

I slammed doors before they opened,
Again and again,
Telling myself you weren’t Prince Charming,
When I was just being a chicken.

Like everyone else,
I’ve been hurt a few times,
And each time I became more fearful,
Setting up more barricades and defense lines.

Then one day it happened,
I involuntarily loved again,
I made my heart wide open,
Guess what? It was the wrong man.

In spite of the pain that ensued,
I learned something new,
I had an epiphany,
Or more of a breakthrough:

Everyone we love,
Is going to be lost,
Whether for a little or for forever,
Loving always has a cost.

I have a reassurance now,
That no matter what, I’ll be alright,
So I’m no longer scared,
And I’m way less uptight.

I’m probably going to think your “it,”
And I may end up being wrong,
But there is no half-way in love,
So I’ll let mine be strong.

Maybe you’ll be here for a minute,
Maybe you’ll be here for a lifetime,
No matter how things end up,
I hope it’s an enriching time.

I hope I’ll add to your life,
And expand your perspective,
I hope I’ll make you laugh,
I hope I don’t drive you crazy by being introspective.

You can hit me like a wave,
You can sweep me off my feet,
You don’t need a reservation,
I don’t have a plan to retreat.

I want to discover new places,
I want to explore new land,
And even it’s not for forever,
Experiences mean more when you’re holding a hand.

Hopefully this next time,
We can finally get it right,
I think I found who I am now,
And I think I have direction in sight.

You can rest assured,
That I’ll do my best,
To prevent pain for us both,
Though life doesn’t have a bullet proof vest.

I’ll use wisdom and clarity,
My head and my heart,
My soul and my spirit,
To give us a fighting start.

© Regina Mast 2016

Yo, Zoe!

Yo, Zoe!
I am thankful for you,
I appreciate you so much,
And all that you do!

When we first met,
My life was a bit bleak,
You offered encouragement,
Through the positive words you’d speak.

We’ve shared,
Some hysterical memories,
Some crazy adventures,
Some border-line emergencies.

You were there,
During some of my worst indiscretions,
You helped me pick up the pieces,
Without even asking questions.

I never once felt judged,
And you never held anything over my head,
You offered encouragement,
And kindness instead.

It’s hard to believe,
That we’ve only been friends for three years,
Cause it seems like we’ve been through so much:
Laughter, pain, and tears.

You push me,
And I push you,
When life gets tough,
We help each other pull through.

You understand me,
In so many ways,
I look forward to being friends,
For many, many days.

I’m sure we will continue,
Our fun escapades,
Way into the future,
Into our old age.

We’ll still own Body Pump,
When we are in our nineties,
Showing the young punks,
You can still kick a** after twenties.

I’m not sure we’ll make hot yoga,
But we can probably try,
Though if we have heart conditions,
This could make us die.

We might lose some time,
During our races,
Cause we’ll have hip problems,
And knee replacements.

And we’ll probably never stop,
Having our junk-foodie meals,
Even if our cholesterol is high,
And we have doctors on our heels.

I’m grateful for the past,
I’m grateful for the present,
I’m glad you’ve been a part of it!
You’re basically God-sent.


Oh my goodness,
You’ve been on my mind all day,
I feel a strange closeness,
Like you’re headed my way.

I read an article last night,
And I could swear you wrote it!
It was about someone like you,
Journeying to find the right fit.

You were looking for someone like me,
Someone who was sensitive and strong,
Who wore her heart on her sleeve,
And had learned from her wrongs.

Sometimes I wonder if you know,
About me already,
And if you’re just trying to find a way to meet me,
Without coming on too heavy.

I know you’ll love my sense of humor,
I hope you’ll like my writing,
I hope you’re laid back,
And that you don’t like fighting.

I like doing things my way,
Doing anything I want without permission,
I hope you’re not expecting a puppet,
Who lives life in submission.

You’ll need to be tolerant,
And able to handle,
Someone who thinks for herself,
And can light her own candle.

You’re going to need to be confident,
And you’ll need to handle your own,
You’ll need to keep up,
Cause I’ve got places to go.

I plan to shine,
I plan to live life bold and wildly,
So you can’t do things half-way,
Life isn’t worth living mildly.

I hope you like being active,
I hope we share some interests,
But you’ll need to maintain some independence,
So you continue evolving yourself into your best.

I’m filled with excitement,
So much that it’s hard to keep it contained,
But I’m trying to stay composed,
So that my balance will be maintained.

In all the ways,
That I can’t wait to be introduced,
Part of me is going to miss,
This time that sometimes looks recluse.

Sometimes my heart feels so full,
When I realize who I am,
I wonder how I’ll fit you into it,
Though I’m sure it’ll expand.

These recent years have been invaluable,
Cause I’ve learned you’re not something I need,
It’s one thing to want someone,
It’s another to need them to breathe.

I’m whole on my own just like you,
I stand on the same solid ground,
I know you’ll know your Maker,
He showed me you’ve already been found.

Part of me doesn’t want to lose,
The element of surprise,
When I finally learn who you are,
And you’re no longer lost in a sea of guys.

I’ll let things play out,
I’ll let the future unfold,
But I hope we meet in a creative way,
So our story is romantic when its told.

© Regina Mast 2016

Chasing Down a Dream

Chasing down a dream,
Is a lot like running a race,
People don’t see how hard you trained,
They only see how well you place.

Everyone won’t like you,
Sometimes it’ll feel like you don’t have one fan,
What matters is that you like yourself,
Then you won’t feel “less than.”

The critics aren’t going where you are,
They are seated safely on the sidelines.
People who’ve been in your shoes are humble,
They’ll be the first to cast you support lines.

Keep pushing and trying,
Show up early, stay late,
Stay determined, stay sharp,
And you’ll inevitably be great.

Work hard, work smart,
Don’t settle for standard,
Don’t look around yourself for a benchmark,
Unless your dreams want to surrender.

Most people don’t care,
They just go with the flow,
They live an average life,
And they don’t want you to go,
Further, faster,
To glorious places,
They’ll want you stay stuck,
In their comfortable places.

But you wouldn’t because you couldn’t.
So stop looking around,
Look forward, always forward,
If you want to be renowned.

They have a list of excuses,
At least a mile long.
You see these as reasons,
Which fuel your fight song.

This doesn’t make you better,
This is what makes you blessed,
You have the ability to see through obstacles,
That stand between you and success.

Many won’t cheer you on,
This might offend you at first,
But it’s not their job,
Your dream is your thirst.

Keep creating and innovating,
Keep trudging along,
And you’ll eventually end up,
Where you belong,
Among those far and few,
Who have persevered,
Who know the meaning,
Of blood, sweat, and tears.

It doesn’t matter how fast,
Only how far,
It’ll test your strength,
And expose who you truly are.

You are unstoppable,
A force with which to be reckoned.
You can’t stop,
You won’t stop,
Your heart has been beckoned.

You’ve awoken out of,
Your previous slumber,
With lightening in your veins,
And a heart full of thunder.

There is fire in your eyes,
There is a roar in your voice,
Deciding to give up or push on,
Isn’t even a choice.

It won’t happen overnight,
But the great things don’t!
When life asks you to keep trying,
Don’t say you won’t.

Sometimes you’ll forget,
And you might question your dream.
“Am I really capable?
Could it be as good as it seems?”

When the ride gets bumpy,
Take it all in stride,
He made the promise,
You’re just along for the ride.

Make humility your best friend,
And discard your pride,
You’ll accomplish remarkable things,
With Him by your side.

He wants your life to shine,
Like a speck of gold glitter,
Leaving one choice:
Not to be a quitter.

You see, what it all boils down to,
Is that He is the well,
Of strength and protection,
In which you can dwell.

So when you are tired,
He will replenish your soul,
He’ll help you keep going,
To reach your goal.

When it’s His promise,
And they hear your story,
They’ll see His handy work,
They’ll see His glory.

They’ll see He did it,
And you was merely His pawn,
So while the night may be uncomfortable,
There will be glory at dawn.

© Regina Mast 2016


When you’re chasing your dream,
You’ll trip into moments of self doubt.
“Is this really what I should be doing?”
“Is this what I want to make my life about?”

“Am I doing any good?”
“Am I doing this all wrong?”
“Should I pack up my bags,
And just go back home?”

Back to where it’s safe,
Back to where’s it’s comfortable,
Back to the familiar,
Back to everything being stable.

But you can’t!
You won’t let yourself,
Or maybe something bigger is pushing you,
And stopping you for putting your future on a shelf.

You can never live in prison,
Once you’ve felt completely free,
Once you’ve tasted life,
You can never settle for hungry.

Maybe you’re not doing the right thing,
Maybe you have your direction a little wrong,
But if you just keep moving,
You’ll end up where you belong.

When you sit in stagnant water,
You begin to rot,
So take the next best step,
And give it your best shot.

It’s easier to redirect a boat,
That’s sailing on open water,
Than it is to get it started,
Leaving the port in a totter.

If you like to draw, draw.
If you like to dance, dance.
Your life will probably take a few turns,
Before you end up in the ideal circumstance.

You’ll change as a person,
Life has a way of doing that,
So know that what you’ll end up doing,
Will likely be different when you’re look back.

But do you want to look back at life with regret?
Do you want to wish you lived more?
You can change your path today,
Life is knocking at your door.

© Regina Mast 2016

A Mother Hen

She’s a mother hen,
With the biggest brood in the world,
It doesn’t matter how uptight you are,
She makes anyone’s walls come unfurled.

She can light up any day,
With her positive attitude,
And when it comes to advice,
Her life experience gives her a multitude.

She doesn’t ask for anything in return,
She just feely gives her love,
She scatters it here and there,
Customizing it to fit like a glove.

She’s honest and direct,
And completely reliable.
Though she likes her routine,
She remains pliable.

She’s gracious and unassuming,
She’s impeccably kind,
She loves a good joke,
She has a very witty mind.

She’s the one and only,
Cindy O’Neil,
You can always count on her,
To keep things real.

We love you, Miss Cindy!
I speak for the bunch,
Cause I know how much everyone loves you,
Or at least I have a hunch.

I know you’ve impacted my life,
In the best possible way,
You’re a kindred spirit,
So I hope you’re here to stay.


Raleigh, Raleigh,
The City of: Oaks,
Food, parks, fun,
And plenty of friendly folks.

So much live music,
Always a pleasant crowd,
First Friday, Food Truck Rodeo,
A city that lives life out loud.

A culture of art,
Creativity and expression,
Continuously growing,
With remarkable progression.

You want the best late night food?
I prefer Krazy-8s,
Hibernian or Raleigh Times,
I have yet to try Plates.

Do the Krispy Kreme Challenge,
And spend a day in a coma,
Trying to recover,
From your pre-diabetic persona.

Goodbye to The Oxford,
The Hive and Tir Na Nog,
You hold many entertaining memories,
Some of which are a bit of a fog.

Restaurants and bars,
Tend to come and go,
When one goes under,
Another will instantly grow.

Choose carefully,
Before you pick a college team,
People take sports seriously,
Especially State and UNC.

People who come here,
Tend to stay,
So if you buy a ticket,
Know it’ll probably be one-way.

© Regina Mast 2016

A Fork in the Road

There comes a time in your life,
When you arrive at a fork in the road,
You can choose to stay the same,
Or have courage to leave what you know.

If you enter uncharted territory,
You’ll feel an anxious uncertainty,
Because it’s new adventure,
It’s a place you haven’t yet seen.

You’re growing, my darling,
This is part of the process,
It’s important to follow your heart,
So you live without regrets.

You’ll uncover new oceans,
You’ll swim in undiscovered seas,
You’ll find places more magical,
Than you ever dreamed.

I’ve planted desires inside of your heart,
Ones that are specific to you,
So when you try to express them,
Most others won’t have a clue.

Sometimes even your closest confidants,
Won’t entirely understand,
They won’t be able to go with you,
They won’t be able to hold your hand.

As for your other friends?
Some might even start to hate you.
Lean on me when this happens,
I will never forsake you.

Well, what are you waiting for?
All you have to do is say yes!
Are you going to come with Me?
Do you trust Me to take care of the rest?

© Regina Mast 2016