Wrinkles are the medals of the soul,
Though we try to sweep them under the rug.
They should be put on a pedestal,
Not cowered behind a shrug.

We are taught to despise them,
We constantly try to erase them,
We are always trying to hide them,
Why don’t we just embrace them?

They should be worn with gratitude,
And fully celebrated,
Instead of being an embarrassment,
And absolutely hated.

Wrinkles tell a story,
About the warrior deep inside,
The one the world doesn’t know about,
Cause she’s hidden behind her pride.

The one that’s endured hardships,
And cried through sleepless nights,
The one whose heart has been gored,
In some of life’s bullfights.

The one who has fought her demons,
Time and time again,
The one who kept from drowning,
When life was sink or swim.

The one who kept trudging,
Despite having every reason to quit,
One foot in front of the other,
Because she was made of grit.

“How are you?”
“Oh, I’m fine!
I’m doing great,
All the time.”

It’s okay to cut the crap,
It’s okay to be real,
Sharing your sorrow,
Can help you heal.

Everyone has these battles,
These experiences with war,
These experiences feeling hollow,
And broken to the core.

Yet we believe the silly lie,
That we’re alone in our struggle,
So we put on our makeup,
And keep our despair in a muzzle.

While it’s okay to be private,
And not to share all your pain,
We should stop discounting wrinkles,
And viewing them with disdain.

Own your truth,
Own your story,
Own your wrinkles,
Own your glory,

Own your ups,
Own your downs,
Own your smiles,
Own your frowns.

Wrinkles are dignified.
They are perseverance.
They are fortitude.
They are deliverance.

Sweet girl, you made it!
Those are a sign of victory.
Pick up a new perspective,
“I appreciate you; you made me!”

© Regina Mast 2016

Fly Little Bird

You haven’t been born yet,
So we haven’t met,
But I wanted you to know a few things,
In case later on I forget.

The best way to avoid judgment,
Is to avoid being loud,
To keep your opinion a secret,
And blend in with the crowd.

When you find the voice you have,
And you begin to use it,
Some cynics will reject you and laugh,
Don’t let the fear of this make you lose it.

Find your passion,
Find the thing that makes you feel alive!
And chase it with everything you have,
So you feel the rush of a skydive.

Your objective along the way is to help,
The sad souls who’ve had their joy stolen,
To help heal the hurting,
To help raise the fallen.

Critics are going to talk,
Whether you do good or bad,
Because they wish they had your courage,
And not having it makes them mad.

The thing about these people,
Is they won’t be at your funeral,
When it comes to dictating your life,
You shouldn’t give them the call.

It’s not you they dislike,
They just don’t understand.
But happy people don’t behave that way,
You’ve got the upper hand.

Do your best to stay soft,
Try to stay kind,
Know there are times when it’s best,
To turn and leave them behind.

When you go against the grain,
When you rise above the status quo,
You’re bound to make people uncomfortable,
You’re going to make a few enemy or foe.

You’re going to be ridiculed,
You’re going to be mocked,
And when you don’t get offended,
They’re going to be shocked.

Because you know better,
And you don’t play into that game,
You don’t care about popularity,
Or whether or not people know your name.

Sometimes it’ll hurt,
Each time, less of a sting.
You’ll keep growing stronger,
Eventually it’ll be a small ping.

Do you want to stay safe?
Do you want to hide in the woodwork?
Or do you want to make your mark?
Even if that means exposing a quirk?

I hope you dare to be great!
I hope you dare to be different!
I hope you dare to be extraordinary!
I hope you dare to be divergent!

Fly little bird,
This world is your playground,
Your Maker will keep you,
Completely safe and sound.

© Regina Mast 2016

Where Are You?

Sometimes it feels like my security is levitating,
My sense of belonging: suspended in air,
My heart wishes I had someone to call mine,
My heart longs for someone special to care.

There are moments when I feel disconnected,
I’ve been mostly on my own for years,
I know I can get through the tough times by myself,
But sometimes that means fighting back tears.

Most of my recent relationships,
Have found their demise in September,
They died, alongside the leaves,
Meaning lonesome birthdays and Christmas Eves,

I know people who love me,
But I want my own family,
I’ve thought “it’s time” for a while now,
Yet somehow it’s still just me.

I don’t know where you are.
Only that you exist,
I don’t know what’s taking so long,
Only that your absence allows this loneliness to persist.

I’m not looking for a prince,
I’m looking for a partner,
Someone who is an equal,
Someone who is a costar.

I know you won’t complete me,
That’s not what I’m looking for.
I just want more than an echo,
When I walk through the front door.

I want a hand to hold,
Especially on dreary days,
And someone to show up by my side,
When life gets hard and I just want to hide.

I want someone to provide,
A safe haven or retreat,
One where I don’t have to be brave,
One where I can safely be me.

No makeup; no trying,
Effortlessly exposed,
Vulnerable and raw,
Where anything goes.

I want someone to learn from,
I want to be challenged politely,
I want help being accountable,
And help taking life more lightly.

Sometimes I get to wondering,
Why we haven’t met yet,
But when I look at how much I’ve changed,
I think it best you weren’t around each time my life was rearranged.

You’ll get to benefit,
From all the lessons I’ve learned,
But I’m not going to be perfect,
Though, when I’m unrealistic, this is yearned.

I’m going to mess up,
But you’ll understand!
Cause you’ve messed up too,
More times than you can count on one hand.

You’re out there tonight,
As I’m writing this letter,
And you’re wondering where I am,
Maybe wrestling your own fetter.

When the time is right,
When we’re both ready,
We’ll enter each other’s lives,
And we’ll be independently steady.

Since we both worked solo,
To get to where we are,
When it comes to wondering if we made the right choice,
We won’t have to wonder far.

We’ve walked the busy streets,
We’ve spent long nights alone,
We’ve both desired to find each other,
We’ve both desired to build a home.

We’ve both had our bruises,
Scars and bumps,
So we’ll value what we found,
Even when we hit slumps.

I can’t wait to meet you!
But in the mean time I’ll stay busy,
Working to find peace and improve,
I’ll remain calm, not in a tizzy.

© Regina Mast 2016

The Remnants Of Our Kingdom

There have been so many times,
When you’ve crossed my mind,
That I wanted to apologize,
For the way I left you behind.

The little girl who left that house,
Was a shadow of the woman I am today.
But I’m grateful for the things I learned,
Since I walked away.

I was smitten by you,
Before we even met.
Tall, dark, and handsome!
How could I forget?

You were my king,
And I was your queen.
It was just like I imagined,
In my childhood dream.

But then one day, life happened.
A storm rolled into our town.
It tore our kingdom apart,
And our castle fell to the ground.

The demons from your past,
Launched some type of attack.
And I wasn’t brave enough,
To stay and help you fight back.

So I did,
What any coward would do:
I walked away; I jumped ship,
I abandoned you.

I was so naive,
That I failed to realize,
The pain you had endured,
Put the kindness in your eyes.

You didn’t know how,
To process the pain,
So you tried to bury it,
But your attempts were in vain.

It was calling the shots,
It was sabotaging your life,
It was skewing your perspective,
It was causing you strife.

If I could do it over again,
I would be more gentle and kind.
But I hadn’t hit my bottom yet,
And life doesn’t offer a rewind.

Now that I’m wiser,
I see it was for the best.
Cause our dreams were as far apart,
As the east is from the west.

I’m glad that I got to know you,
And see the beauty inside.
I couldn’t forget the good times,
Even if I tried.

Everyone is on a journey,
And our paths happened to cross,
I loved you, you loved me,
In trying, we gave the coin a toss.

We unpacked our suitcases,
And made each other a home.
Then after the storm hit,
We packed up and continued to roam.

I often ask God to heal you,
I ask him to bring you love,
I ask him to give you blessings,
That fit you like a glove.

I ask him to bring you a wife;
A person as good as you.
I ask him to bring you prosperity,
And at least a kid or two.

© Regina Mast 2015

The Elevator

In a second,
I am there,
In the elevator,
Matching your stare.

My cheeks are red,
My knees are weak,
When I bump into you,
I can hardly speak.

Sweaty palms,
Messy hair,
Don’t goof up!
Don’t you dare.

Keep your cool,
Be calm and subdued.
And whatever you do,
Don’t give him a clue.

My mom brought me up,
That good girls are not easy,
And if you are worth my while,
You will pursue me.

Could you be my Prince Charming?
Could you be my 10?
Could you be the answer,
To the prayers I’ve sent to heaven?

Your eyes look serious,
Kind and intense.
I want to know you,
Without any pretense.

What is your name?
Where are you from?
Do you know that your eyes,
Are second to none?

What makes your heart pound?
What makes you feel alive?
If you could go anywhere,
Where would you thrive?

Are you a risk taker?
Do you know your maker?
Are your feet on solid ground?
Or are you still waiting to be found?

But that window closed,
I think I missed my opportunity.
Cause I clammed up and acted mean,
Every time you tried to talk to me.

I actually dreamt about you,
More than a time or two.
And in at least a few of them,
You thought I disliked you.

Many days have gone by,
I’ve been to different places,
Yet I can still see clear as day,
Your face among the faces.

Where are you today?
Will you come back?
Will I see you again?
Or is this all whack?

You’re probably a figment,
Of my imagination,
Trying to conjure up grandeur,
Changing memories by interpretation.

Maybe you were my lighthouse,
Some sort of laser beam,
One that I would never catch,
That stopped me from settling.

© Regina Mast 2015

Queso Annie

(Because it’s inspired by Annie’s “the sun will come out tomorrow.” Anddd it’s a little cheesy. But that’s okay because I love cheese. And I think anyone with a soul does.)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I’m hoping this rhyme,
Will bring sunshine to you.

Some days are rainy.
And dark. And gray.
This is a simple reminder:
it’ll all be okay!

Sometimes life falls apart,
And shit hits the fan.
And you’re telling yourself:
“this can’t be God’s plan.”

Don’t worry if you lack vision,
It’ll all become clear.
In times of darkness,
A light will appear.

Maybe not today,
Maybe not tomorrow,
But every tough situation,
Eventually runs out of sorrow.

Sometimes counting the blessings,
That already exist,
Changes our perspective,
Giving us courage to persist.

Life is full of seasons,
From winter to spring,
We don’t always know the reasons,
Yet we find a new song to sing.

© Regina Mast 2015

Shelter in the Storm

The storm is loud.
The thunder is near.
Regardless of what happens,
I’ll always be here.

I might not know what to say,
I might not know what to do,
But when the darkness closes in,
I’ll always sit with you.

I won’t leave your side,
You don’t have to fight on your own.
Even though I know you can.
You don’t have to go it alone.

You let me inside your walls,
So I’m here to stay.
I’ll keep reminding you:
These feelings will go away.

It’s okay if you cry,
You don’t have to pretend,
I’ll help shed light on the lie,
Because the Truth will help you mend.

Love is the salve,
That sooths any wound.
Mine can comfort and hold you,
Until your joy is exhumed.

© Regina Mast 2016

Back At Square One

It’s Tuesday morning.
It’s another rainy day.
Maybe if I had been prettier,
It wouldn’t have ended this way.

Stop it, stop it.
Don’t go down that road.
You know it wasn’t about that.
Don’t carry an unnecessary load.

But what if I had my shit together?
What if I were financially more established?
Would my odds have been better?
Would that have increased my status?

You told me about your family.
About your last words to your dad.
You told me about your past.
The pain, shame, and guilt you had.

Yet you never wrote home about me.
They never knew a thing.
Even though they were a few blocks away.
Was I just a fling?

Was I more than a pillow?
Was I your soft place to land?
Couldn’t you tell from the dreams I shared,
I wanted more than to hold a hand?

I was young and hopeful,
And maybe a dash naïve.
You were experienced and cynical,
Always the first to leave.

I like to think the love I gave,
Will help restore your faith.
You’ll find the strength to try again.
You’ll know that it’s safe.

But if and when that day comes,
I’ll be out of sight.
Apparently the thought of “being friends”
Gave you a fright.

Cause you’re gone. You’re gone.
Even though you’re near.
I hate going to our old places,
Wondering if I’ll find you here.

You are the only one who I can say,
Truly had my best.
I was the sweetest version of myself with you.
Yet I didn’t pass the test.

Now I’m back to the drawing board,
I’m back at square one.
I’m back to waiting for a unicorn,
Who I fear will never come.

© Regina Mast 2015