When you’re chasing your dream,
You’ll trip into moments of self doubt.
“Is this really what I should be doing?”
“Is this what I want to make my life about?”

“Am I doing any good?”
“Am I doing this all wrong?”
“Should I pack up my bags,
And just go back home?”

Back to where it’s safe,
Back to where’s it’s comfortable,
Back to the familiar,
Back to everything being stable.

But you can’t!
You won’t let yourself,
Or maybe something bigger is pushing you,
And stopping you for putting your future on a shelf.

You can never live in prison,
Once you’ve felt completely free,
Once you’ve tasted life,
You can never settle for hungry.

Maybe you’re not doing the right thing,
Maybe you have your direction a little wrong,
But if you just keep moving,
You’ll end up where you belong.

When you sit in stagnant water,
You begin to rot,
So take the next best step,
And give it your best shot.

It’s easier to redirect a boat,
That’s sailing on open water,
Than it is to get it started,
Leaving the port in a totter.

If you like to draw, draw.
If you like to dance, dance.
Your life will probably take a few turns,
Before you end up in the ideal circumstance.

You’ll change as a person,
Life has a way of doing that,
So know that what you’ll end up doing,
Will likely be different when you’re look back.

But do you want to look back at life with regret?
Do you want to wish you lived more?
You can change your path today,
Life is knocking at your door.

© Regina Mast 2016

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