Chasing Down a Dream

Chasing down a dream,
Is a lot like running a race,
People don’t see how hard you trained,
They only see how well you place.

Everyone won’t like you,
Sometimes it’ll feel like you don’t have one fan,
What matters is that you like yourself,
Then you won’t feel “less than.”

The critics aren’t going where you are,
They are seated safely on the sidelines.
People who’ve been in your shoes are humble,
They’ll be the first to cast you support lines.

Keep pushing and trying,
Show up early, stay late,
Stay determined, stay sharp,
And you’ll inevitably be great.

Work hard, work smart,
Don’t settle for standard,
Don’t look around yourself for a benchmark,
Unless your dreams want to surrender.

Most people don’t care,
They just go with the flow,
They live an average life,
And they don’t want you to go,
Further, faster,
To glorious places,
They’ll want you stay stuck,
In their comfortable places.

But you wouldn’t because you couldn’t.
So stop looking around,
Look forward, always forward,
If you want to be renowned.

They have a list of excuses,
At least a mile long.
You see these as reasons,
Which fuel your fight song.

This doesn’t make you better,
This is what makes you blessed,
You have the ability to see through obstacles,
That stand between you and success.

Many won’t cheer you on,
This might offend you at first,
But it’s not their job,
Your dream is your thirst.

Keep creating and innovating,
Keep trudging along,
And you’ll eventually end up,
Where you belong,
Among those far and few,
Who have persevered,
Who know the meaning,
Of blood, sweat, and tears.

It doesn’t matter how fast,
Only how far,
It’ll test your strength,
And expose who you truly are.

You are unstoppable,
A force with which to be reckoned.
You can’t stop,
You won’t stop,
Your heart has been beckoned.

You’ve awoken out of,
Your previous slumber,
With lightening in your veins,
And a heart full of thunder.

There is fire in your eyes,
There is a roar in your voice,
Deciding to give up or push on,
Isn’t even a choice.

It won’t happen overnight,
But the great things don’t!
When life asks you to keep trying,
Don’t say you won’t.

Sometimes you’ll forget,
And you might question your dream.
“Am I really capable?
Could it be as good as it seems?”

When the ride gets bumpy,
Take it all in stride,
He made the promise,
You’re just along for the ride.

Make humility your best friend,
And discard your pride,
You’ll accomplish remarkable things,
With Him by your side.

He wants your life to shine,
Like a speck of gold glitter,
Leaving one choice:
Not to be a quitter.

You see, what it all boils down to,
Is that He is the well,
Of strength and protection,
In which you can dwell.

So when you are tired,
He will replenish your soul,
He’ll help you keep going,
To reach your goal.

When it’s His promise,
And they hear your story,
They’ll see His handy work,
They’ll see His glory.

They’ll see He did it,
And you was merely His pawn,
So while the night may be uncomfortable,
There will be glory at dawn.

© Regina Mast 2016

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