I can’t say,
I’ve ever spent Christmas alone.
I come from a big family
And have a place to call home.

The thing about loneliness,
Is that it’s a tricky thing.
It can creep into any room,
Without any warning.

Society will tell you,
To hide it cause it’s shameful!
But there’s so much value,
In exposing it; so people are less critical.

Sometimes we feel pressure,
To feel jubilation,
When all of the trying,
Just causes frustration.

Life is a journey,
And some destinations are unpleasant.
Remember: circumstances are fleeting,
This is a temporary present.

Whether you’re missing a loved one,
If they left you or passed,
Or you lost your job,
And you’re strapped for cash.

Maybe you’re sick,
And your body aches.
Or maybe you feel,
Like you can’t catch any breaks.

There is always hope,
That next year will be better.
And you’ll only be stronger,
For withstanding this weather.

Your story is your story,
And this is just a chapter,
There is so much more glory,
Tomorrow and thereafter.

May peace come to you, like a warm summer breeze.
And may it hold you, like a bear hug squeeze.
May love pour in and flood your soul.
May your heart feel calm, hopeful, and whole.

My prayer today,
Is that these words hug your heart.
And usher in fresh hope,
For a brand new start.

© Regina Mast 2015

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