Cook Out

I’m out downtown,
For a friend’s birthday celebration,
When I run into someone I used to know,
Unexpectedly stirring up some unresolved frustration.

It was about that time,
That you first crossed my mind,
Like a shooting star,
Soon to be left behind.

I tell myself “no!
You will wake up with regret.
So do your best,
To just forget.”

A few hours later,
After a few more bars,
You again cross my mind,
You’re not far by car.

I haven’t seen you in months,
Maybe even a year,
But when I see the light still on,
I lose all my fear.

You don’t ask where I’ve been,
You don’t ask where I’m going,
You ask what I want.
Perhaps my affection isn’t showing?

I want what I always want,
Don’t you remember?
Or don’t you keep track,
Of my late night endeavors?

Is your smile even sincere?
You rush me in and out,
Before I know it,
I’m alone, homeward bound.

But you are worth it,
You never let me down,
Your predictable perfection,
Is as comforting as a silk gown.

You are Cook Out,
My favorite treat,
With burgers and milkshakes,
I love to eat!

© Regina Mast 2016

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