Doing What You Love

There’s a saying about oak trees:
When you go in the forest and find the tallest one,
Don’t be intimidated by it,
It was just a nut that kept on hanging on.

Well my little dove,
You were made for a purpose,
And you’ll spend a lot of your life,
Trying to figure out what it is.

One day you’ll be doing something,
And unexpectedly, out of the blue,
You’ll feel a river flowing in your soul,
Rolling in and out of you.

That river will churn out something new,
And you’ll feel alive,
You’ll feel a new rush,
You’ll feel fresh life.

You just know; it clicks,
You’ve found your path!
But this doesn’t mean everyone notices,
And if they do, it might not last.

This is the point,
Where the going gets a little tough,
If you’ve made it this far,
It’s not time to give up.

If you’re doing what you love,
And nobody notices,
Just keep on plodding,
Doing your best to stay focused.

A bird sings,
Not for anyone,
It only sings,
Because it has a song.

So sing your lyrics,
Perform your dance,
You’re here once,
This is your chance.

There’s no competition,
Move to your own beat,
Keep doing what you love,
Regardless of what that means.

If the auditorium is empty,
And you’re alone on the stage,
If nobody hears you,
Or even knows your name,
If your voice is muffled out,
By everyone around,
You learn humility,
As your roots grow into the ground.

Those roots go deeper,
As the winds continue to blow.
But this will make so you don’t lose yourself,
No matter how far you go.

You’ll stay humble,
You’ll stay sweet,
Cause you know how it feels,
To wrestle with defeat.

You’ll help the next person,
You see chasing their dream,
When you see them struggling,
You’ll help give them steam.

So when it’s quiet,
And you don’t hear a sound,
Keep cultivating your treasure,
Knowing one day it’ll be found.

Remember that you’re capable,
Realize you are strong.
Be grateful for your courage;
For trying something you could get wrong.

You matter,
Whether you’re big or small,
You matter,
So give it your all.

Don’t get hung up on opinions,
Or worry about what others think,
You’re creating something new,
Don’t let criticism make you blink.

Some will think you’re arrogant,
Or that you are conceited,
They’ll think you need humility,
Because they feel they’ve been cheated.

I’m going to tell you something:
Everyone has a river inside,
But some people don’t find it,
Even after searching far and wide.

If you do find it,
It would be selfish to build a dam,
Cause it would stop fresh life,
From sprouting up down land.

So when the day is long,
And the night is cold,
Try to find the beauty in the process,
Of letting your gift unfold.

You won’t need to be reminded,
That you’re not better than anyone else,
Cause you know there are no levels,
If everyone is their authentic self.

You’re blessed that you had courage,
And a vision where there was none,
You’re fortunate to have a foundation,
And know the Source who keeps you strong.

I hope you see your value,
I hope you feel free to share your story,
I hope one day you find out how it blessed others,
And that your life is filled with glory.

© Regina Mast 2016

2 thoughts on “Doing What You Love”

  1. God gifted you with words. And they’ve blessed and encouraged me so much! I’m a mother of 4 with a messy past, shouldn’t even say past cause I’m slogging right thru the midst. I’m married to an abusive alcoholic (I still cringe when I say that cause somedays I still doubt that it’s really that) (maybe it’s just really my fault, maybe I really am the real problem like this nagging tiny voice tells me and like I’ve been told over and over) I’ve let it make me bitter and done crazy wrong hurtful things myself and also turned to alcohol and other men and may have not stopped if not for the consistent care and pleading from my best friend. I’ve finally only yesterday after nearly 5 years of it, for the first time made myself file a report and move out. I’m scared. I’m doubting myself. I’m exhausted. I’m proud of myself. I’m humiliated. I’m alone. I’m wavering. I’m not standing tall. But I’m on my hands n knees trying to get up.
    Thanks for being an inspiration, Gina!! Everyday.

    1. Thank you for having the courage to share your journey with me. It is an absolute pleasure to share my heart and I’m so grateful it brings inspiration to you. I’ll be thinking of you and sending you prayers for strength, clarity, and peace. You’ll come out the other side of this. Sending you a great big hug!

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