Eleni vanRoden,
I wish I could give you a hug!
But you live two states away,
So you’ll have to settle for poetic love.

When I think of you,
I think of someone who is a blast!
Elon, Charlotte, Raleigh,
We’ve taken many cities with class.

Isn’t that what you call it,
When a tow truck drives you home?
Oh, our nights at Elon,
West End, Brown & Co.

Remember your 21st?
We went out despite an 8am?
Man, we were champs,
Rallying to no end.

The Queen City was great!
Downtown escapades & our mud run,
It didn’t matter what we did,
We always had fun!

Did I tell you that I’m proud of you?
For finishing law school?
I admire your work ethic,
And your ability to stay relevant/cool.

Remember our walk to the Os game,
When we got swallowed up in the Baltimore Riot?
If someone thinks it wasn’t scary,
I’d like to see them try it.

How about the time we accidentally snuck into,
The fort Francis Scott Key wrote about?
“Gina, everyone is wearing matching stickers,
That first building was the line, no doubt!”

Chicago was incredible,
Except getting bad directions on the train,
Giordano’s, more so than our race,
Oh and getting to the Cub’s stadium in the rain.

Though our habits have been tamed,
Our hangouts remain legendary,
We’ve matured in many ways,
So the next morning’s are less scary.

We’re still good at killing brunch,
And having long roof-top talks,
We’re still good at creating humor,
Even on simple things, like walks.

Anyways, sweet girl,
Just a few more things:
I appreciate your kindness,
And the sunshine that it brings.

I adore your sense of humor,
I admire your intelligence,
You’ve got a good head on your shoulders,
You’re a tough cookie… with elegance.

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