You are enough,
You are perfectly enough,
You are everything you should be,
Whether sensitive or tough.

If you never have a monument made in your likeness,
If you never live in a mansion fit for a Highness,
If you never have your name engraved on a fancy building’s exterior,
If you never reach the top of the corporate ladder and feel inferior,
If you never become a US President,
If you never travel and become a world resident,
If you never win a Pulitzer Prize or Nobel,
If your life’s hard works are published but never sell,
If you never make it on the cover of Vogue,
If you’re never awarded a Golden Globe,
If you never walk on the moon or get to go to Mars,
If you make it to Hollywood and don’t land among the stars,
If you never make it into the Hall of Fame,
If, outside of your social circles, you don’t have a well-known name,

You are enough,
Exactly as you are,
And you are far too precious,
Not to realize that you are.

It’s good to have lofty dreams!
It’s good to aim high!
But if you don’t make it,
It’s not do or die.

These accomplishments are rare,
An uncommon treasure,
But it takes all the magic away,
If you turn them into pressure.

Sometimes the big goals,
And all the stresses to succeed,
Bear the resemblance of a rat race,
In which I’d rather not proceed.

Have you found your calling?
Have you found your big purpose?
You were made to be happy,
More so than just on the surface.

Joy in your heart,
Peace in your mind,
Health in your body,
The pinnacle of mankind.

© Regina Mast 2016

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