Last Friday,
As Passover began,
The word “exchange”
Rang and rang.

I heard it in my head,
I felt it in my heart,
Something new was happening,
Some sort of fresh start.

The excitement was earth shaking,
The impact: ground breaking,
I knew with certainty,
There was a miracle in the making.

I knew specifically what I wanted it to mean,
I knew the way I wanted it to be perceived,
But I was almost scared to hope,
That it’s time for the unfolding of my dreams.

In need of answers,
I went to the lake,
“God, I need some clarity,
About where to put my faith.”

The world was still,
Alone on the floating dock,
When quietly,
I heard a thought knock.

“Hope floats!”
Like this dock on the water,
I need not worry,
With You as my spotter.

You are my faith,
You are my hope,
How then can I fear that a letdown,
Will leave me struggling to cope?

I’ve been trying to keep my feet on the ground,
And I’ve been stifling a portion of my hope,
Because I was scared that if I was mistaken,
Disappointment would strangle me with its rope.

But, no more of that,
Today, I’m canceling my reservation,
I don’t need a backup strategy,
I’m done with my hesitation.

I’m collecting all of my hopes,
And I’m mindfully handing them over to You,
In a basket of tears, impatience, and frustration,
I’m ready to let You actually move.

There would be no need for faith,
If the road was completely visible,
If, from an outsider’s perspective,
The course was easily predictable.

But I don’t need to try to muster up faith,
I only need to recall times You’ve kept Your word,
You have removed all doubt and question,
To let me know that Your word was what I heard.

You will hold my hand,
As I walk out into the deep,
I will look only to You,
For I am solely Yours to keep.

Though my knees feel slightly shaky,
Though my breaths are a little short,
I will boldly walk where You’ve led,
Knowing my soul’s Shepherd is my escort.

© Regina Mast 2016

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