Oh my goodness,
You’ve been on my mind all day,
I feel a strange closeness,
Like you’re headed my way.

I read an article last night,
And I could swear you wrote it!
It was about someone like you,
Journeying to find the right fit.

You were looking for someone like me,
Someone who was sensitive and strong,
Who wore her heart on her sleeve,
And had learned from her wrongs.

Sometimes I wonder if you know,
About me already,
And if you’re just trying to find a way to meet me,
Without coming on too heavy.

I know you’ll love my sense of humor,
I hope you’ll like my writing,
I hope you’re laid back,
And that you don’t like fighting.

I like doing things my way,
Doing anything I want without permission,
I hope you’re not expecting a puppet,
Who lives life in submission.

You’ll need to be tolerant,
And able to handle,
Someone who thinks for herself,
And can light her own candle.

You’re going to need to be confident,
And you’ll need to handle your own,
You’ll need to keep up,
Cause I’ve got places to go.

I plan to shine,
I plan to live life bold and wildly,
So you can’t do things half-way,
Life isn’t worth living mildly.

I hope you like being active,
I hope we share some interests,
But you’ll need to maintain some independence,
So you continue evolving yourself into your best.

I’m filled with excitement,
So much that it’s hard to keep it contained,
But I’m trying to stay composed,
So that my balance will be maintained.

In all the ways,
That I can’t wait to be introduced,
Part of me is going to miss,
This time that sometimes looks recluse.

Sometimes my heart feels so full,
When I realize who I am,
I wonder how I’ll fit you into it,
Though I’m sure it’ll expand.

These recent years have been invaluable,
Cause I’ve learned you’re not something I need,
It’s one thing to want someone,
It’s another to need them to breathe.

I’m whole on my own just like you,
I stand on the same solid ground,
I know you’ll know your Maker,
He showed me you’ve already been found.

Part of me doesn’t want to lose,
The element of surprise,
When I finally learn who you are,
And you’re no longer lost in a sea of guys.

I’ll let things play out,
I’ll let the future unfold,
But I hope we meet in a creative way,
So our story is romantic when its told.

© Regina Mast 2016

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