I’ve heard it said,
“Where there is a will, there is a way.”
Though heard many times before,
It has fresh meaning today.

Something that is Your will,
Can’t be stopped by a human hand,
The Maker of the heavens,
Who puts rivers in dry sands.

A door You open,
Nobody can close,
Not a measly set of circumstances,
Nor an enemy or foe.

Yes, I’m overly tired,
So I’ll simply draw near,
And rest in Your comfort,
For You are always here.

This journey is Ours,
Not mine; I’m not alone,
My journey with my Maker,
Let’s me turn even the process into a home.

You planted the seed,
You gave me dreams in the night,
And even when I was awake,
You continuously brought it into sight.

I simply needed to be reminded:
You’ll guide my steps as they should be,
And You’ll create provision,
In all the places You lead me.

Today, I’ll be held,
Almost too tired to stand,
Then when I have fresh strength,
We’ll walk on hand in hand.

My Heavenly Father,
My sweet Papa God,
You bring me into peace,
Because of how faithful You are.

© Regina Mast 2016

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