You’re using words,
But all I see is claws,
You’re acting innocent,
“Accidentally” exposing my flaws.

You think if you knock me down,
I’ll need you and stay,
But the horizon is wide open,
And I’m going my own way.

You don’t wanna be left behind,
But growth has no rewind.

I’ve been doing all the work,
I’ve been shoveling the dirt,
I’ve been staying up all night,
I’ve been putting up a fight.

It’s time for me to expand,
Regardless of your disguised demands.

You’ve been like a mother bird,
Trying to feed me regurgitated food.
Can’t you see I have my own wings?
Can’t you see I’m just like you?

You’ve tried to beat me into submission,
Using guilt; lying by omission,
You think I’m a train that can be stopped,
Like I’m a door that can be locked?

But I will not be tamed,
You can try but I won’t be contained,
I was made for sailing,
Just look at my last name.

This life is my own,
You’re just afraid of being alone.
And while I’m sad that you’re worried,
Your venom is making my vision blurry.

So this is my goodbye.
If you want to keep up, try.

© Regina Mast 2017

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