I’m a pursuer of peace, a seeker of truth, an appreciator of humor, and a lover of kindness.

Hopelust has one purpose: to inspire hope. During one of the worst seasons of my life, I had lost all hope. It was then that I dreamed up Hopelust. I want to help share the light that I so badly wanted back then. May these poems hug hearts, break fear and isolation, speak truth, bring healing, encourage, and inspire.

My name is Regina Mast but most people call me Gina. I’m probably a lot like you. I  have a full-time job. I have a $10/month gym membership and a weakness for good burgers.

I’m an amateur poet and writer.
I love hiking, family, cheese, writing, and laughing.


Photographer: email Tiphaine.Betscher@gmail.com (she can send you example photos; she’s still building her website). Hair/Makeup by Lula Hair + Makeup