Joanna Banana

Joanna Banana,
Sweet Josi Pie,
I won’t call you t-rex today,
Cause I’m not trying to die.

But only for today,
Because we’re celebrating the day of your birth,
I want you to feel perfectly special,
And I want you to know your worth.

(Side note: When I call you t-rex,
And joke about your short arms,
I’m just giving you a hard time,
I don’t mean any harm.)

You are a ray of sunshine,
Anywhere you go,
Your inner radiance,
Makes your eyes glow.

You are warm and kind,
You wear your heart on your sleeve,
You’re the first to help out,
And the last one to leave.

You’re talented and lovable,
With an incredible sense of humor,
You see the best in others,
So you’re not one to start a rumor.

You say what you think,
You’re honest and direct,
You always see the bigger picture,
You’re not one to nitpick or dissect.

You take things as they come,
You embrace the waves of change,
You never get unsettled,
When your life is rearranged.

Your heart is the size,
Of the state of Texas,
Remember the time,
You hit a dumpster with your Lexus?

(Stay on track,
Leave out the jokes,
Save them for tomorrow,
Then unload the pokes).

You are a great role model,
You are a best friend,
I’m glad we are sisters,
And will be together through the end.

We will probably get kicked out,
Of long term care facilities,
For our obnoxious laughter,
And our immature abilities.

We will always be,
Young at heart,
Always easing the load,
By finding humor from the start!

I hope we never get arrested,
By the NSA,
For our silly conversations,
And the politically incorrect things we say.

No matter what tomorrow brings,
We are in for a good ride,
Cause we’ll always have each other,
Even after the day one of us dies.

If I pass before you,
I’m going to beg the big guy upstairs,
To let me come haunt you,
To give you gray hairs.

I would put lead-bestos into your laundry,
And sneak Quest bars into Zane’s lunch,
How did THIS happen at his age?
You won’t even have a hunch.

Cause schools don’t have gas stations,
And he can’t drive a car,
By the time he feels IT happening,
He probably couldn’t make it far.

All jokes aside,
If I did pass first,
I’d want you to reflect on,
Our sweet memories since birth.

Thank you for being there,
Thank you for being exactly the way you are,
You’re a sun in my sky,
And in the darkness, you’re a star.

You always bring light,
With the truth you share,
And when you don’t have time,
You find some to spare.

Because you are so caring,
You are so incredibly sweet,
You always think of ways to help,
And you find ways to treat.

You’re the best play mate,
Even though we are aging,
Though the older we get,
Our humor never stops raging.

I love you so much,
For everything you were made to be,
And I thank God regularly,
That He gave you to me.

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