The humbling experience,
Of seeing my weakness in another,
Though it wasn’t immediately apparent,
That we’re two shades of the same color.

I hear the way you talk about other people,
And it makes me cringe,
I don’t know if it’s the tone in your voice,
Or the harsh words that sting.

I hear you criticizing them,
And distributing unfair labels,
Your judgmental tendencies,
Prey upon others in a way that is hateful.

You draw out hierarchies,
You are all of the judges in one,
You are placing people on various levels,
According to your opinion of them.

You are making unfair calls,
Trying to referee a game that doesn’t exist,
You just don’t realize it,
So your cruelty continues to persist.

I want to open your eyes,
But you won’t be able to see,
Until you’ve learned to love yourself,
And I know this because you are like the old me.

Am I feeding your fire,
If I allow the fear to make me hide?
I’ve been trying to avoid your judgment,
By making it tough for you to get inside.

You ask me a simple question,
But I can feel your suspicion,
You’re a detective who’s presumed I’m guilty,
Trying to force my desire for privacy into submission.

You’re interviewing me for a job,
For which I didn’t apply,
I wish you would just stop it,
And let sleeping dogs lie.

You behave like a vulture,
Working desperately to pierce my skin with your claws,
You’re searching me with a probe,
Trying your best to uncover my flaws.

You judge people,
For the things they do,
And here I sit,
Unknowingly judging you.

I judge you because you judge others,
So how am I any different?
Perhaps you cause me so much frustration,
Because I see my reflection in your ignorance?

Maybe kindness can help you,
Become more self-accepting,
Maybe you’ll see we all have issues,
So you can change what you’re expecting.

It’s okay to lay down your shovel,
Every one you meet has had troubles,
You can end your witch hunt,
And stop trying to burst other people’s bubbles.

If you looked inside my temple,
You would find some seams,
Of cracks that’ve been filled up,
From a past that’s been redeemed.

Looking for others’ defects,
Won’t help you love yourself more,
It’ll just distract you from the fact,
That we all have the same core.

Peace doesn’t lie in comparison,
It doesn’t lie in your successes either,
Life would be much easier,
If you stopped using them to raise your status higher.

May you discover the gift,
Of knowing you are enough,
May you let go of the weight you carry,
Worrying about how you’re regarded in others’ thoughts.

May you stop striving and trying,
And realize your efforts aren’t necessary,
May you accept and embrace yourself,
So that your burden is less heavy.

Relax, breathe,
Look yourself in the mirror,
You are perfect as you are,
There is no need to feel inferior.

Today, I release you,
To be exactly where you are at,
I’ll try to accept you unconditionally,
And stop working to iron this issue flat.

© Regina Mast 2016

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