She’s every shade on the spectrum,
She’s every size on the chart,
She’s a kaleidoscope of colors,
An evolving work of art.

She can’t be contained in boxes,
She is fluid and she is free,
Like a wildfire of love,
Leaving hate and judgment as debris.

She’s got more seasons than the planet,
She lives life in phases,
She’s daring yet cautious,
Because her mind is full of mazes.

She is grounded in her faith,
Yet she gets high on love,
She’s ferocious like a lion,
Yet she’s as gentle as a dove.

She’s the sky and the earth,
She’s the sun and the moon,
She’s the fire and the water,
She’s the seed and the full bloom.

If you give her space to flourish,
You can join her for the ride,
But don’t try to silence her,
Simply let her add wonder to life.

© Regina Mast 2017

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