Katie, Katie.
What a lady.
It’s hard to believe
She’s half of eighty.

She’s the essence of beauty,
The very essence of grace,
She changes the atmosphere,
Just showing her face.

She’s soft, she’s sweet.
She’s feisty, she’s tough.
But if you mess with her kids,
She won’t hesitate to get rough.

She’s the definition of peace,
She oozes gratitude.
She’s the favorite aunt to each niece.
And she always has a good attitude.

When everything is chaos,
She stays calm,
And she remains grounded,
In any storm.

She’s the mother to everyone,
The lost souls and the found.
Her ability to comfort is second to none,
And she can do it, without making a sound.

If your world has shattered,
And the pieces fall apart,
She’ll sit with you for hours,
And listen to your heart.

Then she’ll take the pieces,
And put them back together.
You’ll walk away a new soul,
Having been changed forever.

You feel it in her gestures,
And in the way she moves,
God’s constantly flowing through her,
Which her presence easily proves.

Today we honor her,
And we shower her with love.
Because that’s what she spends her life
Doing for all of us.

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