“You’re getting left behind!”
“You’ll never get ahead.”
“Your life is a waste.”
“You’d be better off dead.”

These are some,
Of the most common lies,
We all hear them,
From time to time.

It doesn’t matter how things look,
It doesn’t matter how they feel,
Your perspective can change.
If you start getting real.

Your life isn’t where it should be?
According to who?
Nobody is qualified to measure,
You don’t need to live with this pressure.

You’re life isn’t in shambles.
You probably have your health.
And don’t get started on money,
Love holds the real wealth.

Don’t look at the love you receive,
Look at the love you give,
That’s what matters,
That’s where the value is.

At the end of your life,
When you’re old and gray,
You won’t remember,
The things that stressed you out today.

Stop trying to compete,
Life isn’t a damn race,
You are honorable,
You’re not a disgrace!

Spend your energy,
On seeing the truth.
Everyone isn’t moving on without you,
You don’t need to feel blue.

We’ve all worn shame,
Like a heavy cloak.
And we have a hard time,
Seeing that it’s smoke.

Guilt is a beast,
One that is hard to slay.
But hearing a little truth,
Can make it decay.

You’re doing your best!
And that’s all that matters.
Life isn’t a game,
Of shoots and ladders.

A sunflower might,
Grow taller than a rose.
But which has the better scent?
Anyone knows!

We are all different,
And unique in our own way.
So just be yourself,
Come what may.

The best way to end up,
Where you’re meant to be,
Is to live your life,
And to live it freely!

Here is a great big secret:
You being “the only one” is a lie,
Everyone has been there,
But we hide because our pride.

So much of the human experience,
Is spent in waiting rooms,
Though we only see our own,
And we waste precious time in gloom.

Everyone has wondered,
What the world would be like without them,
But we don’t find out until it’s too late,
Cause they fear being condemned.

You don’t have to hide,
Any honest person will understand,
If you’re feeling down and out,
It’s okay to talk to a friend.

The world wouldn’t be better off,
If you were gone,
You are not alone,
You could never be cloned.

The world needs you!
And your special finger print.
You’re here for a reason!
Don’t cut short your stint.

© Regina Mast 2016

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