Fly Little Bird

You haven’t been born yet,
So we haven’t met,
But I wanted you to know a few things,
In case later on I forget.

The best way to avoid judgment,
Is to avoid being loud,
To keep your opinion a secret,
And blend in with the crowd.

When you find the voice you have,
And you begin to use it,
Some cynics will reject you and laugh,
Don’t let the fear of this make you lose it.

Find your passion,
Find the thing that makes you feel alive!
And chase it with everything you have,
So you feel the rush of a skydive.

Your objective along the way is to help,
The sad souls who’ve had their joy stolen,
To help heal the hurting,
To help raise the fallen.

Critics are going to talk,
Whether you do good or bad,
Because they wish they had your courage,
And not having it makes them mad.

The thing about these people,
Is they won’t be at your funeral,
When it comes to dictating your life,
You shouldn’t give them the call.

It’s not you they dislike,
They just don’t understand.
But happy people don’t behave that way,
You’ve got the upper hand.

Do your best to stay soft,
Try to stay kind,
Know there are times when it’s best,
To turn and leave them behind.

When you go against the grain,
When you rise above the status quo,
You’re bound to make people uncomfortable,
You’re going to make a few enemy or foe.

You’re going to be ridiculed,
You’re going to be mocked,
And when you don’t get offended,
They’re going to be shocked.

Because you know better,
And you don’t play into that game,
You don’t care about popularity,
Or whether or not people know your name.

Sometimes it’ll hurt,
Each time, less of a sting.
You’ll keep growing stronger,
Eventually it’ll be a small ping.

Do you want to stay safe?
Do you want to hide in the woodwork?
Or do you want to make your mark?
Even if that means exposing a quirk?

I hope you dare to be great!
I hope you dare to be different!
I hope you dare to be extraordinary!
I hope you dare to be divergent!

Fly little bird,
This world is your playground,
Your Maker will keep you,
Completely safe and sound.

© Regina Mast 2016

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