Love Is The Answer

May I be Your vessel,
To bring love to this place,
May my heart be full of love,
May my soul be full of grace.

In a world that is dark,
Shine through me like a light,
Be the Peace I exhale,
To rid my neighbors of their fright.

Be my overtime clock,
When my patience has expired,
Be my endless reservoir of love,
When conflict has transpired.

Help me see others past their actions,
Into their intentions and their heart,
Help me see them the way You do,
And offer countless fresh starts.

It’s one thing to think these thoughts,
It’s another to put words into action,
Sometimes it takes one bad driver,
And I do things that need redemption.

Be the water on my fire,
Be the bandage on my pain,
Be bigger than any offense,
So that only Love remains.

Expand my heart,
Make it soft,
Make it wide and make it deep,
Give it eyes,
Give it ears,
Give it arms to hug those who weep.

If we all love just our neighbors,
Then no one’ll be left alone,
Then there will be less cruelty,
Because everyone’ll have a home.

Love is the answer,
Love is the key,
May we love one another,
And let differences be.

© Regina Mast 2016

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