Love, Love, Love

I’ve been there.
I’ve made some bad choices.
But it does get better,
When you hear the right voices.

Regardless of your age,
Your current obstacles are new.
You’re learning each day.
And you’re gonna pull through.

Breath it all in,
Take it a day at a time.
And try to remember:
Mistakes aren’t a crime.

Some people act mean,
Because they don’t understand.
Probably cause so far,
Life’s given them the upper hand.

So what have I learned?
From my screw-ups and mistakes?
Grace can’t be earned!
It’s given to sinners and saints.

I’d rather learn young,
And live with humility,
Than have it all perfect,
And judge disability.

Some people smoke too much,
Drink too much,
Or dabble with drugs.
Others eat too much,
Preach too much,
Or sleep with lots of thugs (A thug is simply a violent person/criminal. I mean it as a general term for any person who isn’t good for you).

Instead of pointing a finger,
Extend your full hand.
And help the next person,
Who’s struggling to stand.

Wisdom will chase you,
Like wrinkles chase age.
Each day, you are new.
You don’t live in a cage.

Your life isn’t over.
Until you say it’s done.
But even if you’ve given up,
You’ll never lose the Son.

He’ll keep fighting for you.
He’ll keep showing you love.
And one day you’ll realize,
You are loved from above.

Love, love, love.
F*** the rest.
Love, love, love.
Just do your best.

© Regina Mast 2015

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