Lunch At The Lake

Hey little dove,
You’ve been on my mind today.
I came to get some fresh air,
And have my lunch at the lake.

I find myself dreaming of you,
And imagining what you’ll be like.
I wonder if we will share lunches here,
Then afterwards, go for a hike.

We can cross that bridge when we get there,
There’s no need to put the cart in front of the horse,
(You might need to remind me of that one day,
If the wrong perspective throws my life off course.)

I’ve been sitting here reflecting,
Pondering my days here on earth,
And there’s something important,
That I want you to learn early on about your worth.

I don’t want you to feel the pressure,
That dictates the lives of the majority.
I want you to seek Peace above all else,
So you live a life of serenity.

Society, as a whole,
Will pressure you to succeed.
But they have one definition of it:
To do well financially.

I want you to place importance,
On the peace you feel,
The rest of the expectations,
Really aren’t a big deal.

I hope you work hard,
At anything you try,
Because I want you to feel capable,
And to learn that you can fly.

Most people don’t place much value,
On taking time to nurture their soul.
But I’ll tell you right now,
There are things more important than having your pockets full.

Without peace, you have nothing,
I don’t care what anyone says.
If they tell you this is wrong, they are lying.
Or maybe their perspective isn’t the best.

I hope you find who you are,
I hope you dig down deep,
I hope you follow your peace,
And know there’s always more to seek.

You won’t ever completely arrive,
Because there will always be another mountain,
Do your best to take it all in stride,
And realize that life keeps coming at you like a fountain.

I hope you see through the cloud,
Of expectations and confusion,
So you live a life of purpose,
Rather than living the standard delusion.

I hope to be a good example for you,
I hope to be a pillar of support,
I hope to hold you in my love,
I hope we have a strong rapport.

When you arrive in my life, sweet pea,
I’m certain you’ll know you are adored,
Because I loved you before I knew you,
And I’ve got an endless abundance stored.

If I can love you so much,
That you almost feel near,
How much more will I love you,
When you’re finally here?

© Regina Mast 2016

(To be clear: this is for a future kiddo- I’m not literally expecting one right now.)

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