Marvin and Dean

Happy Birthday,
To Marvin and Dean,
I know you guys don’t like much attention,
So I’ll try not to make a scene.

Nor will I type your ages,
Cause you both look great,
We can keep everyone guessing,
Twenty-two? Thirty-eight?

They’ll never know,
And I’ll never tell,
Cause from prior experience,
You’re not pleasant when you yell.

My only brothers,
Share the same birthday,
I guess the heavens aligned,
Thirteen years apart, to the day.

You’re my only siblings,
Without a Facebook account,
Cause you mind your own business,
And don’t like when others try to recount.

You’re both driven,
And you’re funny as can be,
Your sense of humor is always,
Politically incorrect and witty.

Marvin, your intelligence,
Is intimidating and worth applaud.
Sometimes when I don’t understand,
I simply smile and nod.

And Dean, oh my goodness,
You’re so stinkin’ nice,
When it comes to helping others,
You never think twice!

You both contain your feelings,
Inside your collected exterior,
But when you get stressed out:

Your tempers are as fierce,
As the ocean is deep,
Yet you manage to share wisdom,
Most times when you speak.

You would never be pretentious,
You are authentic and real,
So when you have successes,
You act like it’s no big deal.

You’re both humble and strong,
You’re thoughtful and wise,
But if I’m gonna be honest,
Marvin has the nicer eyes.

Sorry Dean,
Try not to take it personal,
I got stuck with brown eyes too,
So I’ll be merciful.

Anyways, I hope today full of laughter,
I hope it’s full of blessings,
I hope you feel extra peaceful,
So that you spend less time stressing.

I love you both,
For your quirks and all,
And I’ll leave it at that,
So I don’t make you bawl.

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