Mountains, earth,
Wind, sky,
Oh the majesty,
On a mountain high.

Heaven above,
Earth below,
Breaths become gasps,
As the strong winds blow.

So calm while so fierce,
Yet all under control,
A beautiful collision,
Like the one within my soul.

This landscape was painted,
By a heavenly hand,
Everywhere the eye can see,
More awe-inspiring land.

Everything appears minute,
Yet every detail matters,
Birds, trees, rocks,
Each leaf that scatters.

From this elevation,
Everything looks so small,
A golden perception to tuck away,
For the times life throws up a wall.

When the right perspective is had,
It becomes apparent that life is light and breezy,
If only we could see from above,
The time we spend waiting would be easy.

Sometimes the journey,
Takes an unexpected turn,
Paths are like rivers,
That continuously churn.

They flow into something new,
They constantly evolve,
Becoming wide and narrow,
Always mystery left to solve.

Nothing just ends,
It simply changes,
When our landscape,

May this place be a haven,
When life becomes blurry,
To seek and find perspective,
Instead of living in worry.

Simple, natural,
Fresh, alive,
Roots, water,
Earth, sky.

© Regina Mast 2016

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