No Longer A Damsel

I used to sit in my tower,
Waiting for you to come save me.
But then one day I stopped waiting;
I lost the desire for fake security.

I’m no longer a damsel,
Flailing around in distress,
I know that when push comes to shove,
I can save myself from almost any mess.

Of course I have help,
From the bug guy upstairs,
But I stopped needing another person,
To be the answer to my prayers.

I’ve got a semi-gypsy spirit,
A most-of-the-time free soul,
I come and go as I’m inspired,
Meandering with the flow.

This world is my adventure,
And while I would love some company,
I am free to explore it as I please,
Since my party is: just me.

My heart is as open,
As the ocean is wide.
I’m occasionally wild, entirely free,
Usually peaceful, always bright eyed.

I used to care about petty things,
For example: you had to be at least 6 feet tall!
But over the course of the last few years,
Life taught me that doesn’t matter at all.

What does matter?
In the grand scheme of things:
Being resilient, having a solid foundation,
And knowing the Source from which hope springs.

I believe with that,
A joyful life can be led.
Trying to keep up with the Jones’
Never got anyone ahead.

I care less about what people think,
Than I ever have before,
When I crossed the threshold into peace,
I left those concerns at the door.

There are times when I forget,
And I need to be reminded.
But I rarely carry those with me,
Helping me live my life less blinded.

I’m not really a fan of pets,
Particularly cats,
If you want to see my worst,
These will get me in a spat.

If you need help cultivating stress,
I can do this enough for both of us!
And if you’re in need of some shyness,
I’ve got enough to fill a bus.

I hope you like hiking,
And appreciate the outdoors,
Or that you’re at least active,
And prefer comedies over horrors.

As far as Netflix goes,
I’m moderately negotiable,
Even if I enjoy my current dictatorship,
And selecting every streaming show.

It’d be nice if I could stop trying to master,
The art of self-applied sunscreen.
It’s been hard to make abstract tiger-striped sunburn marks,
On my upper back a “happening” thing.

If you’re able to cook at all,
That would be a plus,
Even when I do my best,
My flops aren’t worth the fuss.

Or the wasted money on groceries,
The kitchen has never been my thing,
However, if you enjoy car karaoke,
You won’t find a song I can’t sing.

Not that I sing well,
But I usually know all the words,
That’s my favorite thing about a song,
Then again, a good melody never hurts.

I hope you’re doing well,
And that your heart is at peace,
In one of my more recent dreams,
You were literally holding my lease.

Which is a tad bit frustrating,
Cause I don’t like to wait,
Even if I know it’s best not left in my hands,
Because I know Who holds my fate.

I hope your day is full of sunshine,
Mostly the metaphorical kind,
I hope you have joy and courage,
And that you have peace of mind.

May you find clarity,
And crystal clear direction,
Cause when it comes to memories,
I’m sure you’d add good ones to my collection.

I’ll see you when I see you,
When you show up out of the blue.
Until then, I’ll continue living,
And do the best I know to do.

© Regina Mast 2016

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