Oh Father, How Great You Are

“For as the waters fill the sea, the earth will be filled with the awareness of the glory of the Lord.” Habakkuk 2:14

This morning when I read this verse,
My spirit leapt with joy,
Oh Father, how great You are,
Each expectation, You destroy.

Your plans are always greater,
They exceed my expectations abundantly,
Where I think I know what I want,
You present a better opportunity.

I can’t always see it,
Especially in the process,
Yet you envelope me with love and mercy,
Making honest feelings easy to confess.

There is no judgment,
Nor any requirements,
No list of rules,
Just recompense.

I’m as fallible as it gets,
I make mistakes daily,
Yet You still touch my heart,
Your love never fails me.

Expand my heart,
Fill it with Your fire.
Your happy-tear presence,
Is the one thing I desire.

It overcomes the world!
Every issue, every circumstance,
Is immediately dulled out,
And I’m overwhelmed with reverence.

You overtake me,
You consume me,
You love me,
You bloom me.

Today is Your day,
Like all of the others,
I’m wholly Yours,
Given my druthers.

Lead me,
Guide me,
Move me,
Inspire me.

I’m not interested,
In a world separate from You,
You are what I want,
And To see the world painted through Your hue.

In You, I find joy,
When You release,
Your abundant love,
Moving me into peace.

I say it like it hasn’t already happened,
But it’s already been done,
Two thousand years ago,
When you sent your only son.


You penetrate every atmosphere,
You consume every space,
With love, peace, and joy,
Through Your amazing grace.

© Regina Mast 2016

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