Perfect Love

It has been said,
That perfect love casts out all fear.
I had spent years searching for it,
When you were waiting right here.

My heart had been bruised,
Time after time.
I felt empty and used,
Like life had no reason or rhyme.

Then like a dove,
You came swooping in,
You won me over with love,
And gave me faith again.

Your wide open arms,
Beckoned me home.
I’m no longer unwanted,
I’m no longer alone.

Isn’t it funny?
You were the beginning and the end.
And no matter how far I drifted,
You never gave in.

You kept fighting and fighting,
To help me receive it.
It took getting to the end of my rope,
To finally see it.

This perfect love,
Set me free,
To see through the lies,
I used to believe.

Humans are fallible,
But your love is not.
When the flood waters rise,
It buoys me to the top.

When I cry hard,
You cry harder.
When my hope is extinguished,
You reignite the fire.

Your love is a home,
That I take everywhere,
But I don’t have to carry it,
It chases me there.

It’s endlessly forgiving,
It doesn’t count my mistakes.
Regardless what I’ve done,
I get a million retakes.

There’s nowhere I can run,
There’s nothing I can do,
That could ever separate,
Me from you.

So here I rest,
In the secret place,
Knowing I can’t fall out,
Of your embrace.

© Regina Mast 2015

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