Problems Act Like A Volcano

For the most part,
Our problems act like a volcano,
The more we look at them,
The further the lava flows.

They make our heart feel heavy,
They make our outlook on life dim,
They make our foundation seem unsteady,
They make everything appear grim.

The empowering thing about life,
Is that our blessings act the same,
Whichever ones we look at,
Will be our life’s frame.

Be careful which thoughts you entertain,
Do you want to feel joy or do you want to feel pain?
Do you want your day to be good or do you want it to be bad?
Do you want to feel happy or do you want to feel sad?

The perspective we hold,
Will be magnified,
And those thoughts,
Will be multiplied.

The dark can become darker,
Or the light can become brighter,
I think everyone would agree:
Carrying positivity feels lighter.

You can lift yourself up,
Or you can weigh yourself down,
Given a choice,
Wouldn’t you rather smile than frown?

Your attitude is contagious,
It will affect each area of your existence,
Choosing positivity or negativity,
Doesn’t require brilliance.

I know, I know,
Some days it is more challenging,
To see the blessings,
You might have to try everything.

Sometimes it helps,
To generate a list,
Of the good things in your life,
Starting with the basic gifts.

Like the fact that you can see,
You are able to walk,
You are able to hear,
You are able to talk.

If that doesn’t help,
Do something nice for someone else.
It can help your problems shrink,
When you stop focusing on yourself.

There is always someone around you,
Who has things much worse,
This doesn’t mean your problems don’t count,
But they can seem less adverse.

Some days might be harder to turn around,
But it’s always worth your best shot!
We think so much of life is up to chance,
When we can actually determine a lot!

© Regina Mast 2016

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