Journeying On

I know your heart aches,
And life feels unfair,
It looks like an ocean,
Full of pain and despair.

I can’t heal your grief,
But I know the One who can,
I’ll ask Him to wrap you tightly in love,
And show you He still has you in His hands.

There is no rush to heal,
Take all the time you need,
I’ll sit with you in the dark,
Until you feel strength down deep.

Then we will walk it out together,
You can lean on me when you feel unsteady,
And if you need to rest,
I’ll wait until you are ready.

The landscape will change,
The scenery will be new,
But the sun will keep rising,
And I’ll be here beside you.
© Regina Mast 2017

The Only Contender

I will not forfeit,
I will not surrender.
For the future I was born for,
I’m the only contender.

I’ve had my ideas leached,
My creativity has been stolen,
But it’s an endless fountain,
That won’t ever stop flowing.

I’ll come back bigger,
I’ll come back better,
I work day and night,
I’ll withstand any weather.

See I might not be the best,
But I will work the hardest,
And no matter how long it takes,
I will reap the harvest.

I’ve been put to the test,
But I will not digress,
I’m laser focused,
On growth and progress.

I won’t be distracted,
I plan with precision,
I’ll keep moving toward,
My crystal clear vision.

You cannot stop me,
But I will let you watch me.
And I’ll smile politely,
To let you think you can top me.

See I might not be the best,
But I will work the hardest,
And no matter how long it takes,
I will reap the harvest.

I’ve been getting up in the dark,
Running miles before dawn,
I’ve been getting stronger,
Fertilizing my own lawn.

I’m built for the comeback,
I’m ready to go,
Even if I have to crawl,
Run, or walk slow.

I will not stop,
Until I reach the top.

See I might not be the best,
But I will work the hardest,
And no matter how long it takes,
I will reap the harvest.

I’ve been overlooked,
Often times underestimated,
When you’re an underdog,
It’s a strength to be underrated.

Because they don’t see me coming,
So they don’t know to look out,
When they’re lazily relaxing,
I’ll bust through the spout.

I’ll pass from behind,
When they’re not even looking,
Then for the next show,
It’ll be me that they’re booking.

So when they think I’ve given up,
Or fallen behind,
They’ll see me in the distance,
Crossing the finish line.

© Regina Mast 2017

A Love Like Ours

I’ve been hearing a new song,
I’ve been feeling a new beat,
An invisible melody,
Quickening my heartbeat.

It’s pianos and cellos,
It’s the whole symphony,
It’s the angels and the heavens,
Assembling for me.

I see you and I feel you,
Your wavelength is mine,
A love like ours,
Will last for all time.

The more of you I see,
The more I’m in awe,
You’re better than anything,
I could imagine up or draw.

I’m so happy you’re here,
And that you are mine.
You’re a gift from the heavens,
Utterly divine.

Two souls intertwined,
Destined to meet,
Two spirits, two bodies,
Two hearts, one beat.

I see you and I feel you,
Your wavelength is mine,
A love like ours,
Will last for all time.

I see you and I feel you,
Your wavelength is mine,
A love like ours,
Will last for all time.

© Regina Mast 2017


You’re using words,
But all I see is claws,
You’re acting innocent,
“Accidentally” exposing my flaws.

You think if you knock me down,
I’ll need you and stay,
But the horizon is wide open,
And I’m going my own way.

You don’t wanna be left behind,
But growth has no rewind.

I’ve been doing all the work,
I’ve been shoveling the dirt,
I’ve been staying up all night,
I’ve been putting up a fight.

It’s time for me to expand,
Regardless of your disguised demands.

You’ve been like a mother bird,
Trying to feed me regurgitated food.
Can’t you see I have my own wings?
Can’t you see I’m just like you?

You’ve tried to beat me into submission,
Using guilt; lying by omission,
You think I’m a train that can be stopped,
Like I’m a door that can be locked?

But I will not be tamed,
You can try but I won’t be contained,
I was made for sailing,
Just look at my last name.

This life is my own,
You’re just afraid of being alone.
And while I’m sad that you’re worried,
Your venom is making my vision blurry.

So this is my goodbye.
If you want to keep up, try.

© Regina Mast 2017

Fresh Cut Flowers

You’ve been a bouquet,
Of fresh picked flowers,
Decorating my thoughts,
As minutes add up to hours.

I’m focused on where I’m going,
When suddenly, there you are,
In the song on the radio,
That I hear in my car.

Your kind eyes,
And your soft smile,
Give me the feeling,
You’d be worth my while.

My intuition is certain,
Though I’ve been here before,
Fear tells me to run,
And deadbolt the door.

My heart tells me to stay,
It tells me this time will be different,
It tells me it’ll be more than okay.
But is that hope or discernment?

© Regina Mast 2017


She’s every shade on the spectrum,
She’s every size on the chart,
She’s a kaleidoscope of colors,
An evolving work of art.

She can’t be contained in boxes,
She is fluid and she is free,
Like a wildfire of love,
Leaving hate and judgment as debris.

She’s got more seasons than the planet,
She lives life in phases,
She’s daring yet cautious,
Because her mind is full of mazes.

She is grounded in her faith,
Yet she gets high on love,
She’s ferocious like a lion,
Yet she’s as gentle as a dove.

She’s the sky and the earth,
She’s the sun and the moon,
She’s the fire and the water,
She’s the seed and the full bloom.

If you give her space to flourish,
You can join her for the ride,
But don’t try to silence her,
Simply let her add wonder to life.

© Regina Mast 2017

You Are Loved!

If I could empty out my heart today,
I’d pour its contents into balloons,
I would send them through the sky,
So that they find their way to you.

One for each heart,
That feels unworthy or unloved,
One for each heart,
That feels it’s not taken care of.

It would squeeze your heart so tightly,
And reassure you things will be alright,
It would give you fresh hope,
To bring a new perspective into sight.

It would tell you that you are lovable,
No matter how you feel,
It would show you that you’re treasured,
And that your heart will heal.

It would hold your pain,
And it would wipe your tears,
It would speak truth to you,
And chase away your fears.

Though I’m unable to do that,
I know the One that can,
So today I give this task to Him,
And lift you into His hands.

He already has you,
I’ll only ask Him to show you,
To give you the awareness of His love,
That you feel tangibly, through and through.

For several years,
My heart was hard, cold, and bitter,
The pain hurt and leached my courage,
And made me want to be a quitter.

I was done with life,
I thought I gave it a fair shot,
Then Jesus opened my eyes to truth,
And it was what made the pain stop.

He taught me I was enough,
Exactly as I am,
He brought to life a withered-up rose,
And somehow made it blossom.

I know what it feels like,
When you want to give up,
I know what it feels like,
When simply breathing feels like too much.

But I know what it feels like,
To experience redemption, too,
That’s why I want you to keep holding on,
Because He can also redeem things for you.

There are no favorites,
There is no qualifying,
It’s simply opening our eyes,
To the One who does the vying .

You are loved. You are loved. You are loved!

© Regina Mast 2016

This Place

I’ve been here before,
I know This place,
I know This love,
I know This face.

I know how it ends,
Every challenge, every time,
It ends with more praise,
Put into a rhyme.

My Rescuer, My Redeemer,
My Prince of Peace,
Working things out for my good,
In a way I expected the least.

I don’t know when or how,
I only know that You will,
Because I know Your heart towards me,
Turning this adventure into a thrill.

In You, I am strong,
In You, I am brave,
My Knight in Shining Armor,
Who is always near to save.

When I look back on my past,
And reflect on days gone by,
I see Your handiwork,
Has followed me all my life.

You chase me, You capture me,
You win me over with love,
Today, tomorrow, and always,
My Heavenly Father above.

I say above,
Though You’re actually here,
You’re everywhere,
Filling the atmosphere.

With power and might,
With mercy and grace,
I find rest, I’m at ease,
In the secret place.

I’ll share this story too,
With tears welling up in my eyes,
About how You again demonstrated Your love,
And taught this eagle how to fly.

© Regina Mast 2016