I’ve heard it said,
“Where there is a will, there is a way.”
Though heard many times before,
It has fresh meaning today.

Something that is Your will,
Can’t be stopped by a human hand,
The Maker of the heavens,
Who puts rivers in dry sands.

A door You open,
Nobody can close,
Not a measly set of circumstances,
Nor an enemy or foe.

Yes, I’m overly tired,
So I’ll simply draw near,
And rest in Your comfort,
For You are always here.

This journey is Ours,
Not mine; I’m not alone,
My journey with my Maker,
Let’s me turn even the process into a home.

You planted the seed,
You gave me dreams in the night,
And even when I was awake,
You continuously brought it into sight.

I simply needed to be reminded:
You’ll guide my steps as they should be,
And You’ll create provision,
In all the places You lead me.

Today, I’ll be held,
Almost too tired to stand,
Then when I have fresh strength,
We’ll walk on hand in hand.

My Heavenly Father,
My sweet Papa God,
You bring me into peace,
Because of how faithful You are.

© Regina Mast 2016

The Sound of True Strength

The sound of true strength,
Is quiet and steady,
It’s calm and peaceful,
Though forceful, never heavy.

When the occasion arises,
When the dam breaks,
When no one else is on call,
Almost unnoticed, it wakes.

It is always ready,
Ready and waiting,
There’s rarely a second thought,
Nor any hesitating,

It always shows up,
When it is needed,
And its presence is always evident,
Until the flood waters have receded.

It’s beautiful and untamable,
Full of gallant valor,
It’s beckoned at an instant,
And sees through any matter.

We don’t know to appreciate it,
Cause it’s always there,
Whether reinforcing our bones,
Or uttering a silent prayer.

A treasured gift,
A prized gem,
A sweet angel,
Almost heaven sent.

© Regina Mast 2016

Flying High

Flying high,
On the wings of glory,
Redemption clearly visible,
In this story:

Human errors,
Enormous mistakes,
Endless love,
Countless retakes.

A heart revived,
A soul awakened,
A solid foundation ,
That won’t be shaken.

Same truth,
Free from lies,
Same face,
Different eyes.

Peace exudes,
From the core,
Truth creates wings,
An eagle will soar.

A like-new heart,
Beats wild and free,
A child crowned,
Into royalty.

© Regina Mast 2016

Younger Me

She showed up unexpectedly,
Almost out of the blue,
At first I felt uncomfortable,
And didn’t know what to do.

She looked sad and somber,
Her back was noticeably slouched,
Her eyes were big and wide,
And her face wore a pout.

I smiled at her tenderly,
And I told her it was okay,
I told her I wasn’t angry,
And said things I’d been meaning to say:

“Hey sweet girl,
Lift up your head,
I forgave you a long time ago,
I know you did your very best.

I love you and adore you,
Completely, through and through,
I wouldn’t be who I am today,
If it wasn’t for you.

I’m sorry you didn’t know,
That you were worthy and loved,
I’m sorry I couldn’t be there then,
To let you know that you were enough.

But the pain you endured,
Made me the fighter I am today,
If it wasn’t for your perseverance,
I wouldn’t be this way.”

Before she could turn to leave,
I invited her to stay,
I welcomed her to come with me,
And enjoy the road she paved.

I want her to see the heights,
That I’ll reach because of her experience,
I want her to witness redemption,
Found through deliverance.

She sat up straighter,
Something told me she’d be just fine,
When I glanced into the mirror,
I saw her eyes inside of mine.

Her areas of weakness,
Are cloaked by my greatest strengths,
Together, we are unstoppable,
A force strong enough to go to any lengths.

I used to keep her a secret,
Because of guilt and shame,
But I have since learned,
That she wasn’t to blame.

Bad things happen to good people,
Everyone makes mistakes,
Grace is about second chances,
And getting undeserved breaks.

She’s an important part of my life,
A part that I never want to forget,
She is the reason why,
Me and my Maker finally met.

© Regina Mast 2016

Love Is The Answer

May I be Your vessel,
To bring love to this place,
May my heart be full of love,
May my soul be full of grace.

In a world that is dark,
Shine through me like a light,
Be the Peace I exhale,
To rid my neighbors of their fright.

Be my overtime clock,
When my patience has expired,
Be my endless reservoir of love,
When conflict has transpired.

Help me see others past their actions,
Into their intentions and their heart,
Help me see them the way You do,
And offer countless fresh starts.

It’s one thing to think these thoughts,
It’s another to put words into action,
Sometimes it takes one bad driver,
And I do things that need redemption.

Be the water on my fire,
Be the bandage on my pain,
Be bigger than any offense,
So that only Love remains.

Expand my heart,
Make it soft,
Make it wide and make it deep,
Give it eyes,
Give it ears,
Give it arms to hug those who weep.

If we all love just our neighbors,
Then no one’ll be left alone,
Then there will be less cruelty,
Because everyone’ll have a home.

Love is the answer,
Love is the key,
May we love one another,
And let differences be.

© Regina Mast 2016

Becoming Tom Hanks

I planned my first night,
Sleeping completely outside,
No tent, no shelter,
Just wide open sky.

The beach would be my sanctuary,
The sand would be my bed,
The moon would be my nightlight,
I would trade in modern comforts for nature instead.

I imagined the waves,
Lulling me to sleep,
The stars twinkling in the sky,
Not a sound, not one peep.

I would be out in the open,
A brand new adventure,
Another “first” to cross of my list,
Therefore, a meaningful endeavor.

What actually happened?
When reality met my dreams?
It was quite different,
From what it had seemed.

The wind blew all night,
Never to cease nor relent,
The clouds masked my stars,
And raindrops made their decent.

It didn’t rain for long,
But they dropped here and there,
With lightning in the distance,
I felt a bit scared.

But I remained in my place,
And I toughed it out,
With sand blowing in my face,
And many discomforts to count.

Neighboring campers were noisy,
And kept their lights on late,
I felt like I hardly slept one hour,
Let alone the recommended eight.

When I awoke from my final cat nap,
I decided to start my day,
Feeling tired and haggard,
Like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”

I didn’t have a beard,
Nor was Wilson by my side,
But I felt filthy and forlorn,
And tired enough to cry.

I stumbled to the car,
And got my hands on a coffee,
It gave me the audacity,
To finish my day at the sea.

Would I recommend it? Not really.
Would I do it again?
I don’t know. I kinda doubt it.
But I’ve been known to forget.

Under A Shade Tree

Under a shade tree,
In the midst of a meadow,
Rustling bright green leaves,
Droop like a weeping willow.

Next to a wilderness,
Lush green grass thrives,
Birds chirping all around,
Bright blue clear skies.

A quiet stream in the distance,
Water swishing around rocks,
A gentle breeze graces me with its presence,
Here, darkness cannot knock.

Under the shadow,
Of the Most High,
Rest is found,
As is Truth from any lie.

I first stumbled upon it,
In a time of much grief,
When I was out of options,
And chose You to seek.

Though I know You chose me,
Desperation simply removed my blinders,
I asked where You’d been,
And You brought back many reminders.

You were here all along,
Beckoning my soul home,
Though I had taken my own way,
Until I could no longer roam.

Here, You revived my heart,
It beats calmly, at rest,
I know that You,
Are bringing about my best,

I don’t know exactly when,
I only know with certainty,
That no matter what I do,
What should be will be.

I asked and You answered,
You provided me with vision,
For without one, people perish,
Which is why Yours have precision.

I need not strive or seek,
I need only be still,
Though I’m free to wait as I please,
You continue to make clear Your will.

I never wait alone,
There is always Company,
Sitting at my right side,
No longer seated at Your feet.

My soul finds rest,
In Your embrace,
Your all-consuming love,
Expanses all time and space.

I’ll sing a song,
Of hope and peace,
About the love,
That You release.

I’ll write Your praises,
In a personal way,
And tell of Your goodness,
For all of my days.

© Regina Mast 2016


The humbling experience,
Of seeing my weakness in another,
Though it wasn’t immediately apparent,
That we’re two shades of the same color.

I hear the way you talk about other people,
And it makes me cringe,
I don’t know if it’s the tone in your voice,
Or the harsh words that sting.

I hear you criticizing them,
And distributing unfair labels,
Your judgmental tendencies,
Prey upon others in a way that is hateful.

You draw out hierarchies,
You are all of the judges in one,
You are placing people on various levels,
According to your opinion of them.

You are making unfair calls,
Trying to referee a game that doesn’t exist,
You just don’t realize it,
So your cruelty continues to persist.

I want to open your eyes,
But you won’t be able to see,
Until you’ve learned to love yourself,
And I know this because you are like the old me.

Am I feeding your fire,
If I allow the fear to make me hide?
I’ve been trying to avoid your judgment,
By making it tough for you to get inside.

You ask me a simple question,
But I can feel your suspicion,
You’re a detective who’s presumed I’m guilty,
Trying to force my desire for privacy into submission.

You’re interviewing me for a job,
For which I didn’t apply,
I wish you would just stop it,
And let sleeping dogs lie.

You behave like a vulture,
Working desperately to pierce my skin with your claws,
You’re searching me with a probe,
Trying your best to uncover my flaws.

You judge people,
For the things they do,
And here I sit,
Unknowingly judging you.

I judge you because you judge others,
So how am I any different?
Perhaps you cause me so much frustration,
Because I see my reflection in your ignorance?

Maybe kindness can help you,
Become more self-accepting,
Maybe you’ll see we all have issues,
So you can change what you’re expecting.

It’s okay to lay down your shovel,
Every one you meet has had troubles,
You can end your witch hunt,
And stop trying to burst other people’s bubbles.

If you looked inside my temple,
You would find some seams,
Of cracks that’ve been filled up,
From a past that’s been redeemed.

Looking for others’ defects,
Won’t help you love yourself more,
It’ll just distract you from the fact,
That we all have the same core.

Peace doesn’t lie in comparison,
It doesn’t lie in your successes either,
Life would be much easier,
If you stopped using them to raise your status higher.

May you discover the gift,
Of knowing you are enough,
May you let go of the weight you carry,
Worrying about how you’re regarded in others’ thoughts.

May you stop striving and trying,
And realize your efforts aren’t necessary,
May you accept and embrace yourself,
So that your burden is less heavy.

Relax, breathe,
Look yourself in the mirror,
You are perfect as you are,
There is no need to feel inferior.

Today, I release you,
To be exactly where you are at,
I’ll try to accept you unconditionally,
And stop working to iron this issue flat.

© Regina Mast 2016


Twenty-nine years ago,
In northwestern PA,
A little girl was born,
Making the world a better place.

He name was Andrea Lauren,
With brown hair and big brown eyes,
She would become a kindred spirit,
With whom I’d share the lows and the highs.

After meeting in elementary school,
Our friendship quickly flourished,
Despite too much DQ ice cream cake,
We were never malnourished.

Remember all the trips to Erie?
When Weathervane jeans were in?
Too young to drive ourselves,
We only found rides through asking.

Your one pair had that random hole in it,
That nobody talked about,
Though it was fashioned by the blade of a scissors,
Which, when you saw it, made you shout.

From playing soccer together,
To exploring the benefits of horticulture,
We always had each other’s backs,
Protecting each other from any vultures.

Remember my mom driving us to school,
When Enrique was her favorite CD?
Back before we created our morning mixes,
So we had cool songs to sing?

Our precious Perkins corner booth,
Was like a second home,
We spent so many hours there talking,
Drinking coffee through early morn.

I’ll never forget the time,
When we missed school one time too many,
Mr. Drake called your dad,
Who’s pound on my door was hard and heavy.

I gave him my best performance,
Entitled: sicker than sick,
But your dad wasn’t born yesterday,
So he didn’t fall for the trick.

And I still laugh to this day,
When I hear “Brass Monkey” on the radio,
I’ll never forget the party,
Where it was the guest star and hero.

Fast forward many years,
And look down two different paths,
You’ll see a friendship spanning time,
That always managed to last.

Today, you have a different last name,
And a beautiful family,
Yet if I was ever in need,
You’d still find time for me.

You are a best friend,
A one-of-a-kind treasure,
And when I try to put it into words,
It’s hard to truly take measure.

I appreciate your loyalty,
And admire you for being so strong,
You have a humongous heart,
And manage to forgive those who do wrong.

It doesn’t matter if it’s been a week,
Or if it’s been a year,
We always pick up where we left off,
A true gift that is rare.

Raging Love

The strong desire to speak words,
To release the things that are felt,
The longing for light to shine,
On the ice within so it’ll melt.

The tongue is paralyzed,
The words won’t budge,
Where thoughts were once legible,
There is only a smudge.

The mind is racing and clouded,
Like a dust storm in the desert,
Whipping around, pummeling the heart,
Lashing at and exposing old hurt.

Vision is unclear,
Direction is lacking,
Clarity seems lost,
Overwhelmed with distractions.

Tears fall, lips part,
Without uttering a sound,
Feelings leave the heart,
Rescuer bound.

Truth swoops in,
Instant salve on raw skin.
A dove carrying a torch,
Shade to protect from the sun’s scorch,
A sight for sore eyes,
A pillow where a weary head may lie,
A drink of water in a parched throat,
A raft upon which hope may float.

Immediately, the dust settles,
Love engulfs the atmosphere,
Confusion transforms into clarity,
There is complete loss of fear.

How or why it happens?
There’s no way to know.
A sky will rain,
A storm will blow.

There is always,
Peace to be had,
There is always,
Reason to be glad.

Joy and grace,
A heart content,
A raging Love,
That won’t relent.

© Regina Mast 2016