Psalm 34:4

Today is a good day,
To reflect on a Psalm.
Thirty-four: four,
Is like heart balm.

“I sought the Lord,
And He answered me and delivered me…”
This is what I always say,
At the end of every journey.

The only time I fear,
Is when I get stuck in the middle,
When everything isn’t worked out yet,
And life feels like a confusing riddle.

When I try to take control,
And I try to force a plan,
I instantly lose my peace,
And succumb to feeling “less than”

But You are always with me,
You are always there,
You always save me,
And You hear every prayer.

You are with me during the night,
When sleep is elusive,
You are with me during the day,
When the results are inconclusive.

Even when I don’t know,
If I forge ahead or surrender,
You bring me clarity or work things out,
Without my effort being a contender.

If I needed to know the details,
Then You would show me,
Otherwise, I’ll follow You,
To the best of my abilities.

Help me to have faith,
So that my white knuckles let go,
Help me to remember,
That You always show.

When I needed help in the past,
With a secret no one knew,
You heard my quiet whisper,
And at the midnight hour, came through.

Even when it’s quiet,
And I don’t hear a sound,
I know rescue is certain,
Though I feel temporarily bound.

Even if it looks too late,
Even if the blinds are closing,
Help me recall the times,
Where Your solution was better than what I was proposing.

Even when it’s stormy,
And shelter can’t be found
Even if the rain has me convinced,
That if it doesn’t stop, I’ll drown.

Even when the fears shout,
And relentlessly continue to hound.
Even when it hurts,
And my heart does heavily pound .

Even when I’m sick,
Even when I’m tired,
Even when my nerves are shot,
And I feel wired.

This is temporary,
This is fleeting,
This season is passing,
The waters are receding,

I just cannot see it,
But You can,
A simple solution will be demonstrated,
Through the power of Your hand.

Your ways,
Are greater than mine,
And they will continue to be,
Through the end of time.

Worries and doubts,
It’s time to bow.
Fears, be silent!
Peace, be now!

© Regina Mast 2016

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