Queso Annie

(Because it’s inspired by Annie’s “the sun will come out tomorrow.” Anddd it’s a little cheesy. But that’s okay because I love cheese. And I think anyone with a soul does.)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I’m hoping this rhyme,
Will bring sunshine to you.

Some days are rainy.
And dark. And gray.
This is a simple reminder:
it’ll all be okay!

Sometimes life falls apart,
And shit hits the fan.
And you’re telling yourself:
“this can’t be God’s plan.”

Don’t worry if you lack vision,
It’ll all become clear.
In times of darkness,
A light will appear.

Maybe not today,
Maybe not tomorrow,
But every tough situation,
Eventually runs out of sorrow.

Sometimes counting the blessings,
That already exist,
Changes our perspective,
Giving us courage to persist.

Life is full of seasons,
From winter to spring,
We don’t always know the reasons,
Yet we find a new song to sing.

© Regina Mast 2015

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