Raging Love

The strong desire to speak words,
To release the things that are felt,
The longing for light to shine,
On the ice within so it’ll melt.

The tongue is paralyzed,
The words won’t budge,
Where thoughts were once legible,
There is only a smudge.

The mind is racing and clouded,
Like a dust storm in the desert,
Whipping around, pummeling the heart,
Lashing at and exposing old hurt.

Vision is unclear,
Direction is lacking,
Clarity seems lost,
Overwhelmed with distractions.

Tears fall, lips part,
Without uttering a sound,
Feelings leave the heart,
Rescuer bound.

Truth swoops in,
Instant salve on raw skin.
A dove carrying a torch,
Shade to protect from the sun’s scorch,
A sight for sore eyes,
A pillow where a weary head may lie,
A drink of water in a parched throat,
A raft upon which hope may float.

Immediately, the dust settles,
Love engulfs the atmosphere,
Confusion transforms into clarity,
There is complete loss of fear.

How or why it happens?
There’s no way to know.
A sky will rain,
A storm will blow.

There is always,
Peace to be had,
There is always,
Reason to be glad.

Joy and grace,
A heart content,
A raging Love,
That won’t relent.

© Regina Mast 2016


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