Raleigh, Raleigh,
The City of: Oaks,
Food, parks, fun,
And plenty of friendly folks.

So much live music,
Always a pleasant crowd,
First Friday, Food Truck Rodeo,
A city that lives life out loud.

A culture of art,
Creativity and expression,
Continuously growing,
With remarkable progression.

You want the best late night food?
I prefer Krazy-8s,
Hibernian or Raleigh Times,
I have yet to try Plates.

Do the Krispy Kreme Challenge,
And spend a day in a coma,
Trying to recover,
From your pre-diabetic persona.

Goodbye to The Oxford,
The Hive and Tir Na Nog,
You hold many entertaining memories,
Some of which are a bit of a fog.

Restaurants and bars,
Tend to come and go,
When one goes under,
Another will instantly grow.

Choose carefully,
Before you pick a college team,
People take sports seriously,
Especially State and UNC.

People who come here,
Tend to stay,
So if you buy a ticket,
Know it’ll probably be one-way.

© Regina Mast 2016

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