Rejection, rejection,
It is an ugly thing,
Regardless of our age,
We never entirely outgrow its sting.

So you’re feeling unappreciated?
Like maybe you’re not enough?
You feel like you don’t matter?
Maybe you’re made of the wrong stuff?

Hey little darling,
I’ve been there too,
Rejection hurts,
But builds character in you.

I’m not going to lie,
Sometimes you’ll be disliked,
Sometimes because of who you are,
Other times you can’t pinpoint the spite.

But let me tell you something,
The only way to win universal approval,
Is to be ordinary, vanilla, and neutral,
But being these things isn’t useful.

The world has enough people,
Living to please,
They’ll say what you want to hear,
And do anything to put you at ease.

But you are not a child of fear,
You do not live to be accepted for the things you are not,
You are unique and you are dear,
You should live to appreciate everything you’ve got.

Your personality is unique,
And your quirks are one of a kind.
Wanting to be like all of the others,
Just means you’re perspective is confined.

When you feel pressured, remember:
It is better to overcome rejection,
Than to live a false life,
There is no exception.

Do you know how few people,
Live life without fear?
Without worrying about petty judgment,
Of what others will hear?

It never fails,
When I reflect on my past,
I think “You should’ve dared greater!
You could’ve had a blast!”

Living with abandon,
Living wild and free,
Is the only life worth living,
And the only way too be.

I once had a dream,
That changed my perspective,
It changed how I approach life,
And made life feel less hectic.

There was a net inside of the ocean,
And it created a small cage,
The cage was where everyone stayed,
Every race, gender, and age.

They were all fighting each other,
Clamoring to get to the top,
Of this small, muddy prison,
Despite fatigue, they wouldn’t stop.

There was a great big ocean,
Waiting outside of it,
Where they could have swam freely,
Outside of this pit.

Rejection can make you feel,
Like you’re inside of this crate,
And others are stepping on you,
Sometimes channeling their envy into hate.

When this happens,
Don’t take part in this rat race.
Break free from it all,
And create your own space.

You don’t have to be the best,
Life isn’t a contest,
And when others act like it,
You can politely protest.

By removing yourself,
From these narrow minds,
Sometimes the best thing you can do,
Is leave negative people behind.

Maybe they will change,
Maybe you’ll cross paths again later,
But staying around, waiting,
Might turn you into a hater.

That’s not who you are,
You are sweet, kind, and liberated,
Always seek an open field in which to grow,
Then you won’t feel suffocated.

Everyone won’t like you,
But their approval isn’t something you need,
Because you’re no longer in the rat race,
And when you realize this, you’ll be freed.

© Regina Mast 2016

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