Seek to Be

What you look for in life,
Is what you will find,
Making heaven and hell,
Largely in your mind.

There is struggle,
And also suffering,
But look for the stories,
About overcoming!

Don’t dwell on the bad,
Dwell on the good,
Seek to understand,
Rather than to be understood.

Seek to be more giving,
Rather than trying to get,
Seek to live with abandon,
Rather than living with regret.

Seek to find the joy,
In spite of the pain,
Seek to give more love,
Than you’re trying to gain.

I think it was Gandhi,
That said so wisely,
A few dirty drops,
Don’t ruin the ocean entirely.

Seek to be the light,
In a world that is dark,
Seek to be the match,
And ignite the spark.

Sitting around and waiting,
For the world to get better,
Will make you feel like a victim,
With darkness being your fetter.

You are brave,
You are strong,
You can choose,
Right over wrong.

You can be the hero,
You can save the day,
You can build new life,
Out of yesterday’s decay.

You have a soul,
And that soul is alive,
When you realize your power,
Your life will thrive!

© Regina Mast 2016

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