The Sound of True Strength

The sound of true strength,
Is quiet and steady,
It’s calm and peaceful,
Though forceful, never heavy.

When the occasion arises,
When the dam breaks,
When no one else is on call,
Almost unnoticed, it wakes.

It is always ready,
Ready and waiting,
There’s rarely a second thought,
Nor any hesitating,

It always shows up,
When it is needed,
And its presence is always evident,
Until the flood waters have receded.

It’s beautiful and untamable,
Full of gallant valor,
It’s beckoned at an instant,
And sees through any matter.

We don’t know to appreciate it,
Cause it’s always there,
Whether reinforcing our bones,
Or uttering a silent prayer.

A treasured gift,
A prized gem,
A sweet angel,
Almost heaven sent.

© Regina Mast 2016

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