Speak Life

When you look at her from the outside,
It seems like she’s had it easy,
Her exterior looks composed,
Creating the assumption her life’s been breezy.

She was born in a small town,
Into a blue collar family,
The youngest of nine children,
There were a lot of mouths to feed.

She applied to a good school,
One far away from home,
She wanted to have a better life,
So she borrowed student loans.

She worked hard to finish early,
So she could finally thrive,
But when she entered the real world,
Her life took an unplanned dive.

She fell into a black pit,
A prison, a real life hell,
As much as she was struggling,
No one heard her silent yell.

Nights turned into weeks,
Months turned into years,
She learned she couldn’t save herself,
Still drowning in her tears.

One night during the season,
Of the worst of her despair,
A knight in shining armor,
Gave her a dream that exposed it bare.

He said “Do you want me to heal it?”
She said “Yes, I do”
Then He showed her how,
She was going to make it through.

The monster that was swallowing her,
Was too big for her to fight on her own,
Each time she called out His name,
He sent help from His heavenly throne.

The darkness didn’t instantly dissolve,
It lingered here and there,
So she spoke the words her Father showed her,
And He answered her big prayer.

This process was painful,
She’d never want to experience it again,
But it gave her heart the desire,
To help others turn their life from hell into heaven.

Heaven and hell are here and now,
And pain, grief, and sorrow all must bow.
Your words have the power to speak life or death,
So speak life because your power is in your breath.

© Regina Mast 2016

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