I knew you were bad news,
Before we were introduced,
But your one-of-a-kind allure,
Caused the value I placed on those rumors to be reduced.

My favorite days,
Are the ones of which you are a part,
Everything about you is refreshing,
You’re a true work of art.

Diet Coke, Diet Coke,
It’s you I adore,
You are my guilty pleasure,
That I too-often long for.

Breaking Up With a Realtor

Where to begin?
We hope you’re okay,
If not right now,
You will be some day.

We had to do,
What we had to do,
Which meant walking away,
From the investment and you.

With the venue booked,
And the dresses picked out,
With plans for the flowers,
It’d be reasonable to pout.

But walking away,
Two weeks before,
Is better than running back down the aisle,
Then slamming the door.

It does make us sad,
That this dream had to die,
It seems like no explanation,
Is a good enough “Why.”

We’ve sure learned a lot,
And you likely have as well,
Even if right now,
You want to yell.

Just remember:
It was us, not you,
That gave up on this gem,
And caused the plan to fall through.

There are plenty of fish,
Left in the sea,
And one will eventually want,
To buy your property.

Next time will be better,
You’ll find someone new,
That will be equipped and prepared,
With lots of cash and a crew.

Thanks for your help,
We had a great time!
(This is the end,
Of this cheesy rhyme).

Waiting With a Broken Heart

And just like that,
You went as fast as you came.
I’m here spinning and waiting,
Hoping you will come back again.

Usually I’m indecisive,
And I go back and forth,
But when I first set sights on you,
My love involuntarily ran its course.

I knew I was helpless,
The current was pulling too hard,
So I jumped all in,
No reservations, nor looking ahead far.

Now here I sit,
All alone on the couch,
With only a quiet prayer,
Whispering from my mouth.

“Lord, God,
If there is one thing I can ask You:
Please bring another season quickly,
So I have something on Netflix to view.”