The Cart

It feels like it was yesterday,
Though it’s been several months,
That fateful encounter in Whole Foods,
While I was getting my lunch.

I was standing at the checkout,
When an old crush walked by,
And I immediately stared down at the counter,
I didn’t want to catch his eye.

Normally I’m pretty composed,
Or at least I can appear to be,
But there is unexplainable chaos,
In the effect this person has on me.

I rush the cashier,
I decline my receipt,
I turn to run for my car,
When something immediately stops my feet.

It was a lady with a shopping cart,
But I saw a goalie blocking my net,
She stood between,
Me and my smooth exit.

She let out a scream,
Because I caught her off guard,
I T-boned her cart,
With both legs and arms.

I hoped he hadn’t heard her,
I hoped she hadn’t seen my face,
I was completely mortified,
I felt like a disgrace.

I could feel my flushed skin,
My red cheeks and neck,
I had to get out of here,
Now, right this sec!

But there was a small problem,
When I got out the door,
I couldn’t find my car,
It was very busy at the store.

I paced and I paced,
Pretending to search in my bag,
Pretending I was distracted by my phone,
Trying to come up with some sort of gag.

After what felt like an hour,
But was at least 5-10 minutes,
I found my car,
And immediately got in it.

I was still shaking,
As I fled the scene,
But I never looked up,
To see if he had seen.

While weak knees are fun,
Exciting and exhilarating,
They can disable your brain,
And prohibit any concentrating.

© Regina Mast 2016

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