The Dog

Last Sunday afternoon,
I was having a bad attitude,
So I went for a run,
Because this solution has been tried and true.

Less than a mile into my run,
I heard a loud, ferocious noise,
I kept on running,
Trying to remain poised.

The noise got closer,
And as I looked to my left,
I saw a great big dog,
And I knew I was effed.

Because I didn’t see a fence,
And there was no leash,
This neighborhood has kids,
And this dog’s out of control, sheesh.

So I cross the street,
And I run faster than lightening,
But this dog won’t let up,
And it’s getting more frightening.

I feel its mouth on my elbow,
So I run even quicker,
Next it gets my hamstring,
And I instantly feel sicker.

It won’t back off,
It’s not going anywhere,
I’ve been screaming for help,
But nobody is there.

After what felt like an eternity,
Relief came into sight,
It got the attention of a German Sheppard,
Whose bark gave it a fright.

So afraid, I was shaking,
My body pulsing with adrenaline,
I knew something had to be done,
Or this could happen again.

I went back to the house,
And I walked to the front door,
Nobody answered after five minutes,
So I knocked some more.

With four cars in the driveway,
I knew there was someone inside,
And they probably heard what happened,
So they were trying to hide.

Not seeing another option,
I called animal control for help,
They ignored this officer too,
Though he heard the dog inside’s yelp.

These people weren’t taking,
Any responsibility,
For their dog’s crazy aggression,
And his stored up hostility.

The icing on the cake,
Was after I left their house,
I heard a voice yell “hey”,
Giving my heart a rouse.

It wasn’t the bad guys though,
It was a man next door,
He said “I saw it all happen,”
Leaning his crutches on the floor.

It turns out,
He was a runner too!
But he said “I have an injury,
Sorry I couldn’t help you.”

So now I’m left wondering what I should do,
And how to proceed,
Cause I don’t want someone else to get hurt,
Even though the bites weren’t enough to make me bleed.

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